Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2005 Upper Deck

Here's my first 2005 Upper Deck pack, purchased as part of a repack box sometime in the past couple of months. Some of the less interesting stuff that I open tends to sit around for awhile, and I'd probably say that this fits. The design is full-bleed like many Upper Deck sets, but is also fairly forgettable at the same time.

354 - Angel Berroa

315 - David Ortiz (It's hard for me to totally hate David Ortiz, even though he plays for the Red Sox and was a PED user. I'm not sure why that is. It's so much easier to hate Manny Ramirez for whatever reason.)
376 - Jaret Wright
337 - Jake Westbrook
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344 - Carlos Pena (Pena has turned into a premier slugger.)

493 - Jake Peavy Team Checklist (I have a strange feeling that Peavy will struggle with the White Sox in the long run.)

480 - Todd Helton Team Checklist
450 - Tony Blanco Star Rookies (According to the back of the card, this guy was the heir apparent at 3B to Vinny Castilla. I had no idea Castilla was still around in 2005.)

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Offy said...

The MLBPA came out and cleared Ortiz of using steroids and said that was not why his name was on the list. I would hazard a guess that 75%+ of the players out there have used some sort of PED if you want to open it up to all of the possible things that they could have taken especially those that took things before they were banned or if you consider the fact that they aren't able to test for HGH. I think it's a lot more likely that Pena resurrected his career with something illegal.