Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1991 Topps Stadium Club Series 2

I have two of these packs to open, so on Twitter I asked for someone to pick which one it should be. The cellophane on the back allowed me to see that one pack's last card was Vicente Palacios and the other's was Dale Murphy. They went with the Murphy.

Let's tear in.
Top to Bottom:
555 Mike Devereaux (Here's an interesting concept for a blog: All cards numbered 555, call it the Generic Sitcom Phone Number Card Blog. Too wordy, yes, but someone could make it work.)
314 Pedo Guerrero (Ha, he has a dirty cartoon from a Penthouse mag taped to the inside of his cap.)
563 Dave Gallagher
506 Roger McDowell (Holy shit, that Mets fan kid with the world's skinniest arms is about to give Roger the old one-two for switching to the Phills.)
405 Tom Candiotti
458 Wally Whitehurst (Gosh, all the real stars were in series 1, weren't they?)
449 Bob Ojeda
479 Mike LaCoss
434 Casey Candaele (Love that '87 Traded double-flap rookie, never seen it before.)
574 Jerry Don Gleaton (One of the worst names in sports history.)
486 Gary Redus
511 Rick Fucking Cerone (Yes, I've been had. Dayf called it.)


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I'm glad that a pack you got from me had Dave Gallagher in it.