Friday, November 30, 2007

2005 Bowman Chrome

I had a chance to pick this pack up pretty cheap, so I figured what the heck. The chances of me pulling an auto of anyone worthwhile are almost zero, but at least I wasn't paying an arm and a leg for it. Let's rip this sucker.

213 Danny Core RC
43 Mark Teixeira
110 Roger Clemens

Can't do much better on the veterans. Clemens is a dead lock first ballot Hall of Famer with 350 wins, 8 bazillion strikeouts, and 47 full time employees at ESPN trying to find out if he will re-sign with the Yankees next year. One day he will be standing at the podium at Cooperstown at his induction ceremony and will be thinking "How in the world is Greg Maddux still able to pitch? Seriously, dude's got 400 wins, still gets 10 million a year and I've been watching my kids play high school ball for the past five years. What the hell, man?" My man-crush on Mark Teixeira is well documented, but after watching the Andruw Jones free agency trainwreck this offseason I'm already steeling myself for disappointment after next year. I'm pretty certain that the Braves will have no hope of re-signing him after Scott Boras demands an outrageous contract of $10 million per. No, not per season, per at bat. Scott will have a 97 page document at the ready detailing why he deserves it too. Hell, Mark walks about 75 times a year and all those at-bats will be for free! Mark's cards are great right now, but in five years I can see a pile of them gathering dust next to a bigger pile of J.D. Drew cards while I look at cards of Adam Wainright and Jarrod Saltalamaccia and wonder what could have been.

Ok, superstars are nice and all, but this is Bowman Chrome and no one gives flip about veterans in Bowman products. Don't believe me? Open up your copy of Beckett right now and tell me what the Clemens books for. Can't find it huh? Nothing but rookies under the '05 listing eh? Told ya so. And as everyone knows, if it doesn't book in Beckett, it's not worth anything. So far I've got $0.00 out of this pack. Lets look at the rookie, shall we? We got a card of Blue Jays pitching prospect Danny Core. Due to the lines behind the name on the card I originally read it as Danny Cose and was aghast when there was absolutely no English language hits for that name on Google. With the incredible amount of baseball stat geeks on the internet, there can't possibly be any professional baseball player without a page of stats to pore over and analyze even if they were the most marginal prospect in the world. I found my mistake and found his stats for last year. A 25 year old relief pitcher in A ball with a 6.91 ERA. Yikes. Looks like I got the same thing out of this pack this lady got. This is why you should only, and I mean only ever buy Bowman Chrome by the box. That way at least you'll get a autograph of the A ball relief pitcher.


Chris Harris said...

There's only three cards in the pack? Boy am I glad I DON'T collect BowChro.

dayf said...

Like I said, if you're going to buy this stuff at all, you have to buy it by the box. It's one of those sets where buying it by the pack is exactly the same as scratching off a lottery ticket.

--David said...

Heh-heh, or ONLY collect the players/teams you specifically want from the set.. ;-)

dayf said...

You can discuss team collecting on your own blog, this is a pack busting site :)

Seth M. Ward said...

You really think Roger will get in to the Hall? Seems to me that the word from the voters these days is he won't ever make it it. Hate it for him. I was such a fan until he sunk his on ship back in '05.