Monday, February 02, 2009

2002 Donruss Originals

I grabbed a pack of this stuff because it intrigued me as it seemed to be Donruss' answer to Topps Heritage. Unfortunately it doesn't work quite as well given that Donruss wasn't around until the 80s.
#9 - Oliver Perez - 1982 Donruss

#396 - Eric Chavez - 1988 Donruss

#205 - Moises Alou - 1984 Donruss

#25 - Kerry Wood - 1982 Donruss

#134 - Eric Chavez - 1984 Donruss
This would've been one hell of a pack for an Eric Chavez collector. The cards are alright, nothing spectacular but I am glad that they included the 1984 design, as it has always been one of my favorite 1980s sets (featuring Kodak photography!).

The two Cubs cards are already going out in a trade, and I've already added the other 3 to my collection on Zistle. I've already raved about this site on my own blog, but if you haven't checked it out you owe it to yourself to give the site a look. There is tremendous potential for this to become a fabulous site for collectors if we all contribute. I can't recommend it enough!


Paul Hadsall said...

I love those Donruss Originals cards. I can't believe I never collected that set.

As far as Zistle goes, it looks like a nice site... but I can't see how the owners plan to make money on it, so I don't know if it's really worth committing time.

William said...

Donruss should make a 2009 set with the design of 1984 Donruss for a 25th anniversary set -- I agree that design is awesome.

Ashley said...

Good point Paul. It is always somewhat of a risk to jump on board with someone who isn't established. While I can't give you specifics, we have plans to support our site financially. I hope you'll give it a try but understand your hesitation.