Friday, September 04, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Blaster Pack

Here's the tenth pack of the blaster.

Edwar Ramirez - Not an intimidating looking fellow, what with the peach fuzz and the turtleneck and the accountant spectacles. Is this how J.A. Prufrock would have looked in uniform? Are baseball trousers still made of flannel?

Pedro Feliz - Peter Happy is looking smooooth.

Travis Ishikawa (Black Border) - He played in only 33 games last year.

Baltimore Orioles Checklist - Beautiful shot of the warehouse. Why are there lights on that thing? Does that really help illuminate the field at night? Click the photo to see the high-res pic, and you'll see a bit of the home scoreboard and all of the out-of-town scoreboard. You know what that means: it's time to play Name That Game (TM). First one to tell me what player is currently at bat gets a prize package from yours truly.

J.P. Howell - You know you've made it when your glove has your name on it. And not in Sharpie on the inside of the wrist, either. White script, carved into the leather = You have arrived, young man.

Josh Bard - This is way too tight a shot for a card. Yes, we should be able to tell what the player looks like. No, we should not be able to count his ear hairs.


Captain Canuck said...

my eyes aren't that good... somebody else play.

skoormit said...

Break out the magnifying glass!

Laurens said...

Sorry to ruin it [from another blog]:

skoormit said...

A-ha! I thought it would turn out to be an older game.

Kids, I'm sorry to have to cancel this edition of Name That Game (TM), but tune in next time for your chance to win fabulous prizes.

Brock said...

Bah! I wish that link was posted before I did all the grunt work.

Regardless, given the data on the jumbotron and the fact that there's police on the field, I'm pretty sure it's the middle of the third... which means that no one would be at bat anyway.

skoormit said...

Ah-ha! Then it may have been a trick question. In which case, you are correct. For your prize I will send you the package that I was already going to send you for winning the last time. :-)

Brock said...