Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Blaster Pack

The last one in the box. Such sweet sorrow.

Alex Rodriguez - For some reason, a very captivating shot. His throwing hand is slightly blurry; his face shows determination, even though he is just warming up; the first base line is fresh; the stands are filling up. It's almost time to play ball.

Manny Ramirez (Midsummer Memories) - At first glance I wondered why they airbrushed out the team logo on the helmet. Then I remembered that his helmet stayed nasty all the time.

Brandon Inge (Black Border) - Not often do you see a card with the position listed as catcher and the picture showing a play by an infielder. Inge is playing 3B this year, so I guess OPC wanted to reflect that?

Jesse Chavez - Can someone tell me what the "250" patch is about?

Russ Springer - Just a boring card.

Mark Loretta - Not a boring card. Little bits of dirt flying is not quite as good as dirtsmoke, but it's still good.

So that was a blaster of OPC. Plenty of really nice cards, plenty of boring studio shots. A black border parallel in every pack. One mini black border in the box. A few inserts. Ninety cards for twenty bucks.


sruchris said...

The 250 patch on the Pirates jerseys commemorate the 250th anniversary of the naming of Pittsburgh.

Captain Canuck said...

now quick... go check my wantlists and see if you can help me...

sruchris said...

I added a button for your want list to my site. Go here: and try it out. Unfortunately, I don't have many that you need.

skoormit said...

Captain, all these OPCs (that I haven't already traded) are in my Zistle collection. Give it a look-see and lmk if I can fill some of your wants.

Sharpe said...

Is all the photography this fantastic in the set? Lots of action shots and such?