Tuesday, September 08, 2009

2009 O-Pee-Chee Blaster Pack

Lucky thirteen.

Mike Cameron - In May of 2002, Cameron and Shawn Green both hit four homeruns in a game. Carlos Delgado equaled the feat in September the next year. That's three of the 15 times it has ever happened, right there in the span of two seasons. No one has done it since.

Matt Capps - Why do all pitchers pose with the four-seamer grip?

Carlos Quentin (Face of the Franchise) - Woah! An insert? This set has inserts? Wonders never cease. Also: Really? Quentin is the face of the White Sox? Didn't they trade for him less than two years ago? Why not Konerko? Buehrle?

Mike Napoli (Black Border) - The pose is a little too phallic for my tastes.

Milwaukee Brewers Checklist - Name That Game (tm) would be a little too easy on this card, what with the entire scoreboard showing.

Hanley Ramirez - Pay attention, kids: the glove is down, the bare hand is above the ball, ready to smother and grab.

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