Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Topps American Heritage

Too busy searching eBay for Olbermann relic.

Limiting myself to seven words per card.

99 Frank Woolworth

Pioneered discount stores, legacy killed by WalMart.

38 Patrick Henry

Cake or death? No! Liberty or death!

28 David Farragut

They had torpedoes in 1864? No foolin...

103 The Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident.

C7 Walt Whitman Chrome

Didja know Whitman was a baseball fan?

54 Frederick Douglass

Abolitionist, orator, journalist and Redd Foxx lookalike.

71 Henry Clay

Is Kentucky Whigs a transvestite basketball team?

86 Duke Ellington

My best pull of '09 so far.


William said...

This set looks pretty cool. Frederick Douglass was a hell of a man, we all need to hear about him more often.

stusigpi said...

Uh, no.

sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...

oooooohhh.. i'm such a sucker

deal said...

I am in. Everybody knows Walt Whitman was a baseball fan. Annie (Susan Sarandon) quotes that line in "Bull Durham".

and Henry Clay! He once said "I'd rather be right then be President" he must of been right because he lost the presidential election something like four times. He is like the Buffalo Bills of Politicians.

William said...

No, the set isn't cool, or no, Frederick Douglass was a bad person?

Voltaire said...

I would kill several cute animals to get that Henry Clay card.

gcrl said...

ken burns' baseball documentary kicked off with keillor quoting whitman. 'the game of ball is glorious!'

ernest of canada said...

yep, that duke ellington rc is THE pull. i can only hope there's a john coltrane card in the set too.

stusigpi said...

uh, no in that tjhese cards are crap.