Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Topps replacement packs

Continuing on the theme of jacked up 2009 Topps packs, I bought a blaster of the Wal-Mart black variations a couple weeks ago and found that they came up a little short. The box only contained nine regular packs and the Commemorative patch card. And the last two packs didn't have a total of eight cards in them. After I seperated the ToppsTown and the Attax cards, there were only four or five cards left. Another pack had a damaged card in it. The patch card was nice, a Ted Williams, but the box was a disappointment.

So I went on to the Topps site, (which is worth a whole seperate rant post elsewhere, but I digress...) and finally found their Customer Service page that said where to write to and what to send them in case of problems. I packed up the wrappers, the box flaps, my receipt (they take copies), the damaged card, and a letter explaining what I had found. I sent it off on the 15th of March.

Around the 24th or so, I got a white puffy envelope with a letter and a bundle inside:

The letter was dated the 19th and thanked me for purchasing their product. It listed several bullet items of information about sending cards for replacement.

Inside the bundle was two packs and a replacement for the damaged card in a toploader.

They were shielded on the outside with what looks to be the raw stock for Masterpieces cards. Pure white textured canvas panels, somewhat oversized. All of this was scotch taped together.

I had already traded for a replacement for the damaged card. So I opened the packs, hoping for a majority of singles I didn't already have. I got a CC and a Halladay among the base cards, and a gold parallel, plus Chipper and Josh Hamilton ToppsTowns. Not spectacular, but it'll do. I ended up with four cards that I needed for my set.

I was most impressed by the turnaround time. Topps Customer Relations may officially award themselves one bonus point for this case. They messed up a box, but made it right in a timely manner. This is the first time I've sent something back like this. I hope the future occasions are rare, and they all go like this one...


LongFlyBall said...

I have been a customer of Topps from day one that I started collecting. It is nice to see something positive posted about a card company, even if it seems most of the time they try their hardest to distance themselves from their customers. If you want to shoot me a copy of your want list for the "blackouts" maybe I can fill some holes.

Nachos Grande said...

I had great success with Topps as well when I sent in cards for replacement. It's good to see a company that cares about its customers!

NickL said...

In your letter/call did you mention that you wrote for a high-traffic card website?

Offy said...

Topps is great when it comes to damaged cards when you purchase a blaster or complete box, but it can be tough to get cards replaced if you are only purchasing packs.

I purchased a few packs of Heritage and pulled a Buchholz jersey cards that was damaged. The card store that I go to doesn't give receipts (most that I know of don't), I tossed the wrapper before I noticed the damage and I didn't have access to the UPC on the box. Topps returned the card without replacing it because I didn't send enough prrof that I purchased the card. I guess physically having it in my possession isn't enough.

Laurens said...

I recently returned damaged cards to Topps. I didn't have the receipt to the loose packs I purchased, but did have it for the blaster box of 2009 Topps Heritage.

It cost more [though it was only $1.34 total to ship], since I had to worry about the wrappers, receipt and the UPC codes.

GCA said...

Thanks Sixxpunk, my wantlist is at triple-w . slash loqtus.

Nick - No, I didn't mention it to them. Wouldn't want them to make me a special case and send loaded packs! :)


The Baseball Card Snob said...

I've always had good luck with Topps replacing damaged cards.

But it would be in their best interests to increase quality control so there aren't as many damaged cards in the first place.