Thursday, May 07, 2009

2008 Topps Chrome

I am staying the night at a hotel in preparation for a training I am helping to lead on Friday. Yes, I'm in a hotel and I'm busting wax. What can I say?

I bought one of those 'cheapy' packs at Target, randomly selecting the 2008 Topps Chrome from the box full of 'older' packs. I only have access to a very low-grade camera that does not take very good pictures indoors, so please excuse the quality (or lack thereof).

First up, we have Troy Glaus (Cardinals). He is playing at Busch Stadium and it looks like he is playing against the Mets, maybe?

Next up, Prince Fielder (Brewers) comes to us on a "Trading Card History" insert. The back of Fielder's card says "1934 Diamond Stars" and then goes on to talk about Fielder. Wait, what? If this is a TCH card, then why would you not discuss the history of the set you put on the back of the card!? Truly, it boggles the mind.

Adrian Beltran (Mariners) refracts his way into (or maybe out of) the pack. I am not very good at discerning refractors of late issue. In the 'early' days, the refractors were much more, well, refracting... I just happened to have noticed that his name did weird things in the light. Turned the card over, and sure enough, refractor city.

And the last card in the pack is Rickie Weeks (Brewers). Man, if only I had been playing "Brew or no Brew!" Rickie looks like he lost the ball somewhere in the logo overhead. Or perhaps he is hoping one of the letters in the team name will find its way into his glove...

I don't know about you, but I feel much better now that my pack-busting habit has once again been satisfied!! Now, about those movies on the hotel television....

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BaseballinDC said...

I love the 1934-1936 Diamond Stars set, but the use of a picture against the drawn background is not attractive.