Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Goudey

Hey, what can I say? The wrapper sucked me in. This is easily the best looking baseball card wrapper of 2009. I don't hate Goudey as a whole or anything, so I ran the pack through the checkout line at Target.

77 - Dan Uggla
72 - Miguel Cabrera

93 - Howie Kendrick (This represents the ugly side of Goudey... the scary painted face look.)

184 - Evan Longoria Mini

35-82 Jack Cust / Kurt Suzuki / Johnny Cueto / Jay Bruce 4-in-1 (I'm not sure what the logic is for this combination. Two Reds players and two Athletics? I know that they met in the 1990 World Series, but this is kind of a stretch.)

238 - Chien-Ming Wang Sport Royalty Blue Mini (It's been a rough year for Wang, but I snagged him on one of my fantasy teams because I have five DL slots for some crazy reason. I'm not sure how rare a blue mini version of a Sport Royalty card is supposed to be, since Upper Deck is still totally against providing odds on their pack wrappers. Sneaks.)
135 - Alex Rodriguez
162 - Ryan Doumit (Fortunately, Doumit has his catcher's mask on, so you are not subjected to his demonic eyes.)

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