Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Wal-Mart Jumbo Pack

I've had a lot of problems buying loose packs this year. I got an Obama pack at a Target that was bent in half by an angry partisan. I've gotten American Heritage packs that had the top card scratched all to hell by someone with a bizarre pack searching technique. The worst has been Topps Heritage. I have gotten no less than three packs this year where I discovered the pack had actually been opened in the store by someone peeking inside. I've found quite a few more opened ones too, it's reached epidemic levels. This pack here was in fact, partially opened. The bottom was pulled apart just enough to see inside. I didn't notice it until I had left the store or I would have passed up the pack. I'm glad I didn't notice it, as you will see.

73 David Price RC
8 Gil Meche
319 Mike Aviles Rookie Cup
282 Chris Volstad
263 Dioner Navarro
198 Chris Dickerson
C51 Rich Harden Chrome #0318/1960
WME-AP Albert Pujols
363 Coco Crisp
386 2008 World Series Game 2
369 B.J. Ryan
54 Jonathan Papelbon
24 Marco Scutaro
158 Gregor Blanco

David Price rookie sitting nicely on the top of the pack and the searcher passed it up since there was no jersey card inside. Ha!

Plus there was a Mayo Cut plug card of Prince Albert. How could the guy not notice that? The card is pitch black. Both sides.

Oh, yeah. There was also a Chrome card. So the dork opened up the pack in the store and missed a David Price rookie on top of the pack (and the wrapper is see though, take a close look at the next one you buy), a black as night card of Albert Pujols and a card that has a chrome metal finish. What a doofus.

No worries, I picked it up instead and the opened, rejected pack ended up being a home run.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

This has to be the best SEARCHED pack evar.

madding said...

I hate that the Mayo Pujols card is in the Wal-Mart packs, because the Wal-Marts around here (there's only 2) have a really terrible selection of cards while there are plenty of Targets and plenty of Heritage packs at those locations. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up buying the card on eBay or something.

ruthless_toothless said...

Wow, pack searching has reached an all time low. I can't believe people are actually opening packs.

Glad you found a good pack though.

Robert Cruz said...

I just finished buying one of these packs at the Kmart I work at, in good ol' Belleville, NJ. I haven't opened mine yet, though. I wouldn't mind contributing the results of that over here...hopefully one day

stormthestreets said...

That's a QUALITY pack.