Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cali vs World contest

Is this A Pack A Day or is it A Pack Every Other Week? Let's break out of the season-long slump with a contest. Nothing cures all that ails ya like a good contest.

Here's the situation. I recently scooped ten unopened Cello packs of 1988 Topps off of the Bay for all of $0.99, shipping included. Don't ask me why. I plead Twinkies.

Here's the contest: I will bust these over the next couple weeks, about one pack per day. I will post each one, and I will keep two running tallies: players born in the state of California and players born entirely outside the U.S. Your job is to guess which side will win, and by what margin.

To play, just send an email to me ( {my posting name} at gmail dot com) with the subject line "Cali vs World". Your email should specify which side you think will win, and what the winning margin will be. Whoever guesses the correct side and comes closest on the margin will win fabulous prizes. Don't worry, you won't win the 280 cards of 1988 Topps. Unless you want them. Instead, you will win a bunch of cards of your favorite team, pulled from my collection. If you have a wantlist I'll see if I can't fill some holes in it, otherwise I'll pick some cards of your team at random. Don't expect the world here, folks. Expect some fun.

Of course, we need a tiebreaker. How about the total number of players pulled who were born in Alabama? Why Alabama? Because, well, Alabama! Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama. If you say it out loud several times in a row it stops making sense.

So, include in your entry email the total number of Bama Boys found in all ten packs.

Sidenotes: 1) I will count dupes. If I pull him twice, I count him twice. 2) The birthplace listed on the back of the card is final, even if further research may prove it wrong. 3) If the back of the card does not list a birthplace, the card will not count, no matter where the subject may have been born. 4) Entries must be in my inbox by midnight Central time Monday night, Aug 3rd. 5) Alabama!

Here's a grasshopper's-eye-view sneak peek from the first pack:

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