Friday, July 31, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 2

Cali started strong in the first pack with a 6-3 lead. Let's see what happens in pack the second of the contest.

Kevin Seitzer - Led the league with 207 hits as a rookie and could not win the ROY award. Can you guess why? Answer below.
Jose Guzman (PR)
Tom Nieto (Downey, CA)
Manny Trillo (Venezuela)
Jack Morris - Looks like he's wondering what it's like to be in the Hall of Fame. He was so very good, but not quite all-time great.
Eddie Whitson
Les Lancaster
Rick Leach
Mike Henneman - Birmingham on the back. Here we go Barons, here we go (clap, clap)!
Wade Boggs All-Star - The first floating head all-star so far.
Les Straker (Venezuela)
Bill Pecota (Redwood City, CA)
Ken Caminiti (Hanford, CA)
Paul Molitor - 21 years of close contact with a piece of gum has left the back of this card a little bit yucktastic. Click for a high-res view if you can stomach it.
Alejandro Pena (DR)
Tim Conroy (a dupe already?)
Matt Young (Pasadena)
Tom Kelly
Johnny Ray
Tim Raines All-Star - All floating heads will be scanned. Is what I do.
Mel Hall
Stan Musial - Turn Back the Clock - I loved this subset and wish they'd bring it back.

Niekro Brothers Record Breaker - Most Wins by two brothers. This is why I'm sometimes glad I don't have a brother, because if I did, I'm sure he'd be the kind of brother that would make a 22-year, 221-win MLB career good for second place at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
Mark McGwire (Pomona) - I had a school folder of this card. I loved it. McGwire's rookie record 49 home runs in '87 are why Seitzer did not win the ROY.
Earnie Riles
Scott Bailes
Jim Rice - Turn Back the Clock

Dave LaPoint


Cali: 5
World: 4
Bama Boys: still none. Where my frogs at?

After two packs Cali leads the World 11-7. Get those guesses in to me by midnight Monday night.

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