Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cali vs World contest - Pack 3

Here's the third pack of the contest. Cali leads 11-7 after the first two.

Rickey Henderson - Only the best leadoff hitter ever.
Mitch Williams (Santa Ana, CA) - The Wild Thing before he got to the Phillies and made Joe Carter's career.
Steve Kiefer
Mike Fitzgerald (Long Beach, cA)
Ernie Whitt
Mark Clear (LA)
Lee Guetterman
Vance Law
Joey Meyer - Topps called him a Future Star after his age 25 season, when he had not even reached the majors. Maybe Topps hadn't noticed that very, very few hitters who haven't reached the big leagues at that age turn out to have much of a career when they do. Meyers then played all of two seasons in the bigs, netting an OPS+ of 99 in 516 PA as a DH. He hit 18 HR. Not quite a star, as it turned out.
Lee Smith - Second HOFer of the pack. He's not in yet, but it is inevitable. He's at 44.5% of the vote and climbing.
Ricky Horton
Rick Cerone
Butch Wynegar
Denny Walling - Looks surprised to have hit the ball.
Mickey Brantley
Mariano Duncan (D.R.) - What kind of batting pose is this? An advanced bunting technique in which you keep the bat as far away from the ball as possible? Perhaps he is preparing to charge the mound? He doesn't look like he has the size for it.
Bob Tewksbury
John McNamara
Eric Davis (LA) - Eric the Red could flat out play. In '87 he had an OPS+ of 155 while stealing 50 bases and bagging a Gold Glove. In his age 25 season. Eat your heart out, Joey Meyer.
Bobby Witt
Garth Iorg (Arcata, CA)
Rick Honeycutt - I wonder if he always wore his hat this way.
Mike Loynd
Floyd Youmans - Beheaded the fellow behind him with his mighty glove.
Dale Mohorcic - I tried to come up with a good joke about the Mohorovičić discontinuity, but such things are not within my powers. Oh well, check out the minor league odyssey. Nine years riding busses in the minor leagues before reaching the bigs at 30 years old. He stuck for five seasons and posted a 119 ERA+. Highlight of his career: being so good in one game that he was accused of doctoring the ball, later going to the hospital for internal bleeding, which Peter Gammons erroneously reported as being caused by swallowing sandpaper. You can't make this stuff up.
Nelson Liriano (D.R.)
Kirby Puckett - All Star
Billy Hatcher


Cali - 5
World - 2
Bama Boys: still none. Where my birds and my squirrels and my hogs at? (Check 1:15 of that vid if you are impatient).

Cali is now up 16-9 with seven packs remaining. You few stragglers that haven't emailed me already, get those guesses to me by midnight Monday night.

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