Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mega Video Pack Tease: The 20 for $40 Re-wrap.

If your travels ever take you to my neck of the woods, you owe it to yourself to check out TemDee. TemDee is everything a Hobby store used to be.
Autographed material like you wouldn't believe, CHECK.
A decent comic book selection, CHECK.
Scores of old baseball magazines and media guides, CHECK.
Action figures, CHECK.
Rugs that look like they haven't been vacuumed in ten years, and display cases that haven't been dusted in 20, CHECK and CHECK.
You name it, TemDee's got it. (Yes, even Webkinz) Most impressive of all, and the reason for my trip there this afternoon, is their legendary stash of old wax.

And it was rummaging through their old wax -- cellos of '82 Topps, '87 Fleer waxpacks, '97 Score series two Hobby Reserve boxes, et al -- that I found this gem.

Twenty different junk packs for $40? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too.

Awww, shit! This is APAD material!

So join me as I bust through 20 of the lousiest waxpacks of the 1990s and early-00s on APAD and YouTube!

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Scott said...

Dammit! I drove through Barrington today but when this was posted I was already out for the day. Boo hiss! -Scott