Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Wayback Machine: 2007 Topps Series Two

Whew, that was a comparatively lengthy absence, but I'm back at APAD after a few weeks of 2008 Heritage burnout and the distraction of my shiny new iPod. That's right, I've finally entered the 21st century. As if to underscore just how long I've been away, here are two packs that I've been meaning to blog since they popped up in my Easter basket. Let's have at 'em!

Pack 1
485 Tadahito Iguchi
550 Trevor Hoffman - I noticed that he's looking a little shaggy lately.
554 Elizardo Ramirez
508 Ryan Langerhans - Shown bunting in Shea Stadium.
502 Brian Roberts - WHOO! I believe this may be the fourth consecutive year I've drafted him to my fantasy team.

448 Fernando Rodney - When he wants to go incognito, he checks into hotels as "Rodney Fernando".
649 Brian Barden RC

Pack 2
398 Jacque Jones - Supposedly a very nice guy. Also may be the best active player named "Jacque".
409 Khalil Greene
560 Randy Johnson - Signs his name "Randall K. Johnson". Heh.
514 Mark Grudzielanek - I would give anything to find a video of his SNL cameo.

574 Brandon McCarthy
503 Jeff Cirillo - Baseball Reference says that he's most comparable to Joe Randa. I think that's an insult to Jeff, actually.
652 Classic Combos: Josh Johnson and Miguel Olivo - Nothing says classic like Miguel Olivo.

A couple of "meh" packs, but I got Brob (pronounced "brahb") and my favorite KC Royal. Plus, I guess Hoffman and Randy are future Hall of Famers.

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