Friday, October 17, 2008

1991 Upper Deck Baseball

1991 UD Baseball Series II foil packs contain 15 cards, about seven of which are in the "high" series, numbered from 701 - 800. These last 100 cards were issued later in the '91 season, essentially merging an update set into the regular one.

Because Series II packs are heavy on the last 100 cards, you have a 1 in 14 chance of pulling any card in the high series (a Jeff Bagwell rookie is the biggie). Let's see what we get:

Tim Belcher, Dodgers, #576 - won three games for the 1988 Dodgers during their postseason.

Dwight Evans, Orioles, #776 - the first high-number is a good one... Dwight's 20th and final year was not with the Red Sox.

John Farrell, Indians, #692 - won 14 games for Cleveland in '88, and it was downhill from there.

Kirk Gibson, Royals, #737 - spent one year with K.C. before shipping off to Pittsburgh (for another one-year stint).

Gary Ward, Tigers, #412 - a solid outfielder who made two All-Star teams in the mid-'80s.

Scott Sanderson, Yankees, #750 - Scott managed to make one All-Star team during his 19 year career. It happened to be in 1991 with the Yankees.

Jeff Bagwell, Astros, #755 - got it! The one in fourteen chance actually happened!

Mike Boddicker, Royals, #719 - won twelve and lost twelve for the Royals in '91, his last heavy load before winding down with the Brewers in 1993.

Ron Gant, Braves, #361 - an Atlanta fan-favorite who helped spark the Braves' glory years in the early 1990s.

Derek Lilliquist, Padres, #251 - played for five teams in eight years.

Pete Incaviglia, Tigers, #747 - typical swing-for-the-fences slugger who struck out once every 3.31 at bats. Spent one year with the Tigers before heading to Houston.

Don Slaught, Pirates, #181 - averaged 83 games per year during a 16 year career. His best years were during his Pirates stint from 1990 - 1995.

Greg Colbrunn, Expos, #15 - Colbrunn jumps into the ring a year early, as he sees no ML action until a call-up in 1992. Went on to play in just under 1,000 games during a 13 season career.

Paul Faries, Padres, #751 - a prospect that never quite made it, playing in just 96 games during a four-year ML career.

Checklist 101-150, #200 - don't you love it when a pack ends this way? Trade ya for a Kal Daniels!


The Drizz said...

i boycotted gibby those couple of years!

William said...

Jesus, everyone on here who opens a 1991 Upper Deck Series II gets a Bagwell rookie. I want those odds!!

capewood said...

The 1991 high series cards were also sold as a box set. I remember being in Toys R Us, the day after Christmas returning duplicate toys the kids had gotten for Christmas. And there on the shelf next to the line was a box of Upper Deck Final Edition. As I remember it was about $10. I wish I had bought 2.