Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2007 Fleer

Like a comedian who's out of fresh material, I'm reaching back into the old back of tricks and pulling out a 2007 Fleer pack from a repack thing I picked up at Target about a week ago. Well, hey, at least it's not a bunch of blonde jokes, right? This pack promises two RCs and one Rookie Sensation, on average!

218 - Travis Hafner (1/2ner is shown following the sleeveless jersey trend, a fad which seems to be fading of late.)
307 - Marcus Giles (What happened to Marcus Giles? He's only 30 and seems to be out of baseball at this point.)
218 - Joel Zumaya (If only he was really into Super Mario Bros. instead...)

83 - Trevor Hoffman (Lots of stats on the back. Unfortunately, the backs are pretty boring. If Hoffman hadn't been around so long, this would just have a lot of dead space.)

118 - Randy Johnson (I never got used to Randy Johnson in a Yankees uniform. He's definitely bounced back from the 2006 season where he posted a 5.00 ERA.)
362 - Oswaldo Navarro RC (I've never heard of this guy, and I get plenty of Mariners coverage being in FSN Northwest territory. He got a few at-bats in 2006, which earned him this card, but is still stuck at AAA in the M's system. He must be blocked by all that talent that the big league club has.)
326 - David Murphy RC (The 2nd of two promised... on average... RCs, Murphy had a solid rookie season with Texas and probably could have afforded the Red Sox the ability to trade for someone other than Jason Bay when they got rid of the oafish megastar. Of course, they couldn't have won the World Series last year without Eric Gagne.)
1 - Chad Cordero (For some reason I always think Cordero is about 10 years older than he really is. Perhaps it's his penchant for getting injured frequently.)

RS-LO - James Loney Rookie Sensations (For such a budget-looking set, these Rookie Sensations cards are really nice looking. I don't usually go for the gold foil look or the fake backgrounds, but I like this card. Rookie Sensations make me think of early 90's NBA cards, though.)

399 - Blue Jays Checklist Roy Halladay (Incredibly underrated pitcher, even considering that he's already won a Cy Young award. He's that good.)


shoeboxlegends said...

The Gagne comment hurts, but you're dead on. One of the worst decisions that the current ownership has made...

Dinged Corners said...

Why do you suppose Halladay is underrated--because of the teams he's played for, because he's not flashy...? Just curious.

2007 Fleer is a nice set...non- shiny cards have a crispness to the photography.