Sunday, April 06, 2008

The 50-Cent Cheapo Video Pack Break: 1989 Topps Cello

BLOGGERS NOTE: A Pack A Day has been an ongoing experiment in gonzo baseball card journalism. So far it has been a runaway success. Now it's time for this blog to make the next logical progression: VIDEO gonzo baseball card journalism. Over the next few days I'll be ripping on video a bunch of 50-cent junkpacks I bought at a cardshow today. These videos will then be uploaded to YouTube, and the results posted here.

Please feel free to leave feedback on what you see. What do you like? What don't you like? If you the APAD readers like the video format and want to see more, expect to see more videos in the future.

"Buy the junkpack, take the ride."

First pack: A 1989 Topps cello.


Andy said...

At 4 minutes long, I find it a bit too long, especially given that the cards are difficult to see in this format. FOr videos, I like what Rich has done over at "Out of the Mill" where he's put together still shots of the cards into a video.

Mike said...

Do you wear the Rated Rookie shirt specifically for your videos, or do you just never take it off?

Thorzul said...

Wally Joyner, Vance Law, AND Jim Presley?!?!?!?

Topps must have had prior knowledge you were going to that show, snuck a hot pack into the junk wax bin, and crossed their fingers. This is Beckett UD Exquisite all over again. We don't need another Vietnam!

Cello-gate...You heard it here first.

Chris Harris said...

I have 12 Rated Rookie Shirts. It's the only thing I wear.

NickL said...

nothing personal, but i'm not a fan of video breaks. can't really watch them at school or work. takes too long, especially for boring cards. i know scans are probably a lot more time consuming, but my favorite format is just a break with as many scans as possible.