Monday, April 13, 2009

1992 Fleer

These 1992 Fleer are part of the variety packs of cards that Motherscratcher sent to me at the beginning of April. I post them for your enjoyment:

Dave Anderson (Giants), Mike Devereaux (Orioles), Chuck McElroy (Cubs), Tracy Jones (Mariners), Bill Sampen (Expos), Paul Assenmacher (Cubs), Tom Browning (Reds), Tim Leary (Yankees), and Tom Lampkin (Padres) are shown above. You will see in a later post of another pack of 1992 Fleer that they had serious collation problems, as many of these same players are in another pack in the same order no less! Awful!

Wayne Rosenthal (Rangers), Greg Hibbard (White Sox), Mark Langston (Angels), Mike Jeffcoat (Rangers), Kevin Tapani (Twins), Tom Pagnozzi (Cardinals), Sean Perry (Royas Prospects), and Manny Lee (Blue Jays) round out the pack. I never notice before, but the backs of these cards look a lot like the fronts of 1992 Donruss... Hmmm...

Well, as I said, many of these same faces will appear in another post, and likely in the same order. Had I been collecting this set, I'd be pretty ticked off at the number of duplicates I'd have. As it is, these go for giveaways. :-)

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