Saturday, April 18, 2009

2008-09 Upper Deck Lineage

The NBA Playoffs are underway. In honor of this, I picked up an Upper Deck Lineage basketball pack at Target today. I have no idea what this set is all about, but I assume from the wrapper that it's some sort of NBA equivalent of Upper Deck Timeline. You can also apparently collect some Michael Jordan legacy cards. I think if you have a "legacy", it should include your washed-up Wizards years, Mike. The Blazers/Rockets series starts tonight - let's see if I get a Blazers or Rockets card. It could be a sign!

22 - Alonzo Mourning (Nice card using the design of the first set from 1991-92.)

13 - Dominique Wilkins (I love 'Nique. I wish they could have showed him dunking or something, though. The Hawks are pretty much my go-to Eastern Conference team now that Patrick Ewing is long gone.)

65 - Michael Redd (I guess all of these cards have the same design. That's kind of boring. Redd suffered a season-ending injury.)

116 - Andres Nocioni (Here's the back design. No text other than stats, really. The Bulls beat the Celtics in Boston this afternoon, which is great. Kevin Garnett is out for the playoffs, though, so they didn't have much of a chance anyway.)

190 - Al Horford (Another Hawk, Al Horford. I get Hawks like crazy, at least in the few packs that I've purchased this season. I always get Al Horford and Al Thornton mixed up.)

179 - Acie Law IV (I'm not sure how Acie Law made it into this set. Maybe it's a huge set. Maybe it's just very Atlantacentric.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled baseball card postings, already in progress. (Go Blazers!)


dayf said...

Three Hawks?!?!! Great googely moogely.

Excuse me while I go desperately looking for Blazers.

kevincrumbs said...

Odd... why don't they just market it as a 92-93 throwback seat? I thought it'd be like UD Timeline too.

grant said...

GO BLAZERS! RIP CITY Bit***! Come on Ref what does Yoa have to do to foul out kill a blazers fan? I posted a Lakers Suck Rant I guess I should have waited until they pummel the Rockets in the next few games ( I Hope )And The Lakers Don't have the Defense that Houston does against Roy and Aldrige so I'm hoping they put up a fight and Portland gets a little deserved recognition! as well as the most underated palyer in the NBA the NATURAL MR. ROY! Grant old school pack buster Sorry I missed the entire lineage set though after seeing them I probably won't get that blaster that's been sitting at the store staring at me lately....

grant said...

OH nd I just Got my tickets for Game 4 !!! Nose bleed but just to be at Blazers playoff game in A LONG 6 year wait is worth it by far! Grant