Thursday, April 09, 2009

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update

This was a dollar pack from the last Reading Show. I don't open these packs enough. There are about six more in the pipeline, but all that is 1986 to 1992 junk wax except for a pack of '99 Ultra. Anyway..

I have never opened 2008 Upper Deck First Edition. I kind of like the full bleed, non glossy photos.

Here's who we got...

John Lester
Andrew Miller
Mark Teahen
Pat Neshek
Matt Morris
Justin Morneau
Noah Lowry
Ryan Church
Wilson Betemit
Derek Jeter -- Starquest

The Neshek is a bonus. I've been wanting to send him a card to sign per his blog. Two Twins but no Phillies. Startling fact, 6 of the players are younger than I am (and Neshek is 12 days older). I never realize I got so old!

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