Monday, October 08, 2007

1988 Topps Baseball

Let's reluctantly tear in.

615 Jody Davis (Crap.)
773 Frank Williams (Crap.)
594 Bobby Valentine (Crap.)
29 Argenis Salazar (Crap.)
704 Dennis Boyd (Crap.)
54 Jim Clancy (Crap.)
55 Phil Bradley (Crap.)
143 Mickey Tettleton (Crap.)
194 Tom Kelly (Crap.)
221 Rafael Belliard (Crap.)
232 Bob James (Crap.)
405 Dwight Gooden All Star (Crap.)
629 Kelly Downs (Crap.)
613 Bobby Thigpen (Crap.)
700 George Brett (A slightly higher degree of crap.)

Fuck. How do the Packers lose to a piece-of-shit team like the Bears?

Who gives a shit about baseball cards!? Why do I even fucking bother? These cards aren't even worthy of a few scans. How do you manage to lose to a team you're clearly better than?


Vikings suck.



Jason Wilder said...

I have a pack coming up that will challenge the crappiness of this pack. It's so bad that when I opened the pack, I had a strange feeling a kitten died. That bad.

dayf said...

Meh. You think that's bad, try being a Falcons fan. I saw the worst played game ever in the history of football this weekend. We'll take that quarterback that we lent you in 1992 off your hands if you don't need him anymore, by the way.

Mark said...

Thorzul... sounds like you've been having a bit of bad luck with Chicago teams this year. As a Chicagoan myself, I've got to say that it's gratifying that it bothers you so much that the Cubs went to the playoffs while the Brewers stayed home to eat brats. And of course, Bears over Packers was a thing of beauty, even if the Bears do suck. And really, the Cubs suck too (and I'm a lifetime Cubs fan)--it was really a battle of who tried harder to lose the Central this year, so you can at least take heart that your Brewers won that!

Peterson said...

Have mercy, you took words right out of mouth.
fuck the vikings,
brett farve football rules.
[knocks mic over]

Andy said...

Hey, here's a cool page showing the entire 1988 Topps set in Mosaic form: