Friday, November 21, 2008

1987 Topps Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I got this pack at the card show last weekend, a seller had a mess of 'em for 10 cents a pop. It was voted as the card show pack to rip on my blog so you get to share in the experience. Was this pack worth the dime I paid for it? Only if there's a Jessica Rabbit card in there! This movie was perfect for a cartoon loving, girlie ogling teenager in 1987. There better be a Jessica Rabbit card in here or I'm going to kick myself for leaving the rest of those packs behind at the show. I actually hate buying random non-sports packs, I'd rather just get the set and be done with it. Let's open 'er up and show me that redhead!

101 Poor Benny Crashes

The gum was fused pretty tight to this card, but when I placed it on the scanner I heard a crackley sound and it fell off after the scan. There must be crazy UV Gum Destroying Rays in that thing. I never trusted that green light.

Woohoo! First Jessica sighting! She's in a terrible car wreck while not wearing her seatbelt and will probably be a quadriplegic on card #102, but It's Jessica at least.

124 Good Morning, Toontown!

What the heck is wrong with the color on this card?? Did Topps send a photographer into a movie theater with a Polaroid to get the images for this set? Two straight cards with Jessica on it is good though, even if she is about the size of a thumbtack on both cards.

47 "Care For A Dip?!"

AAAAAAAHH!!! This scene was disturbing as hell. A cute little clown shoe getting disolved into sludge and WE GET TO WATCH HIS EXPRESSION THE WHOLE DAMN TIME IT'S MELTING. Robert Zemeckis is a sick, sick bastard. Even David Lynch wouldn't make you watch it's little eyes bug out. Ugh, next card.

115 Stand Up and Sneer!

Christopher Lloyd gets squished by a steamroller. Great scene, but there's no redheads in this picture.

Sticker 12

The eeeevil wolves straight out of a Tex Avery cartoon. I always liked the phycho wolf with the red and yellow swirly eyes.

1 132 Cards - 22 Stickers

Oh goody, the title card. This pack is careening downhill.

24 Whoops!!!

The film sprockets and black border are cool, but the color on these photos is terrible. Baby Herman is about to fall to his horrible bloody flaming death after swiping a cookie. CRIME DOES NOT PAY.

13 A Step In The Wrong Direction!

I need to buy this movie. This cartoon at the beginning is worth every penny. Roger is about to fall into the Volcano Hot oven, but just seeing the knives on the wall that will soon be flung at Roger's head is making me giggle. Oh, look at who's on the back!

Jessica! WOOHOOOOOO! My luck is changing!

35 The Main Attraction

You bet it is! I got my Jessica Rabbit card and it doesn't look horrible. Success! One more to go...

70 "Into The Dip, Rabbit!"

Whoops, Roger's in a pickle. Who's that guy in the shadows in the background? Is that Bob Hoskins? Has to be, I couldn't go through an entire pack without getting a card with Bob Hoskins on it. I need to watch this movie again now. Or at least parts of it.


--David said...

Wow... I mean... Just... Wow...

AlbuqwirkE said...

I was afraid something like this might happen. Am I going to have to dig all of my doubles out of the closet to help you complete your set?

dayf said...

Nah, I got my Jessica Rabbit card, I'm happy.