Saturday, November 08, 2008

1992/93 Fleer Ultra Hockey

I attended the annual card show here last night (yes, there's only one) and came away with some loot. (of course) I'm slowly posting my bounty here, but also want to share some with APAD readers. For 50 cents, I present you with 1992/93 Fleer Ultra Hockey.
Silver on blue foil doesn't scan well, but there's 14 cards to be had here....

Mats Sundin - rockin' the Quebec Nordiques jersey.
Dmitri Yushkevich - Flyers - Rookie!
Brendan Shanahan - Blues
Peter Sidorkiewicz - Whalers
(this pack is wreaking havoc with my spell checker....)
Kirk McLean -Canucks
Neil Wilkinson - Sharks
Mike Ramsey - Sabres
Kirk Muller - Canadiens (see the marks behind him, just below the Ultra logo? Those are directly on the card, but under the 17 layers of glossy clearcoat. Ther's a couple of cards like this. Quality control people! If you're not careful, you could go out of business! Huh? What? They are out of busi..... never mind....... carry on)
Bob Rouse - Leafs (no, not Leaves.... it's Leafs. It's Canadian... let it be...)
Kelly Miller - Capitals
Darrin Shannon - Jets
Paul Coffey - Kings
Scott LaChance - Islanders - Rookie!
Tim Cheveldae - Red Wings. Fleer, with their full colour backs and multi photos, are giving visual evidence as to why Tim has spent most of his life wearing a mask.....

Interesting trip down memory lane. However, it's my only pack of this, so if any of you are trying to complete this set, or are team collectors.... leave a comment here or on my blog, and these could be yours.


shoeboxlegends said...

That was a great set back in the day, I would've definitely scooped up a couple of packs for 50 cents if I had the chance.

I think the Peter Sidorkiewicz card is the highlight of the pack!

Unknown said...

Hello all, I just dug out a box of near-mint condition 92/93 Fleer Ultra hockey cards, the whole set plus duplicates. I havnt even looked at these since 94 at the latest. If anyone is interested in this set I'm willing to part with them as a set or if you want an idividual card I can find it for you. Let me know Thanks!