Thursday, April 09, 2009

1992 Topps Stadium Club Series 2

The 1992 Topps Stadium Club pack is glossy black with a red design in the center and an orange and blue circular design at the top. It makes it look like the letter "i" has been placed onto a black background. There are 15 cards per pack, and they are "Super Premium." Like gas. But unlike gas, these are printed with Kodak Imagine Technology. Really? It only took Topps 40 years to say, "Hey! Maybe we should use the world's best-known photo developer for our cards!"

First up, we have the 1992 Club Membership enrollment/registration card. Membership was $29.95, but your could save five bucks if you sent five proofs of purchase. Membership got you fre cards, special edition 'members only' event cards, Topps Magazine, and a specialized card and ID number. The back says that "Topps has the right to limit the number of memberships." Wonder if they had to play that hand.

Well, on to the reason we're here today. First card up is Rob Maurer (Rangers). I have always been a fan of Stadium Club - the photos take up the whole card, the logo is small and out of the way, and the photos do look good on Kodak Technology.

Wow! A "Member's Choice" Jose Canseco (A's)! The "Members Choice" cards had special foil on them with those words on the card. Next, Steve Chitren (A's). Hmm, maybe I should play "A's or No A's." No, that reminds me too much of my report card in school. I usualy came out on the short end of that stick. Third is Bryn Smith (Cardinals). I think the people in the back saw the cameraman and stood to be in the shot. Wonder if they ever got a copy of the card to show their friends. I know at least blogger that is in a baseball card, which I think is pretty cool.

Keith Mitchell (Braves), Darryl Strawberry (Dodgers), and Robin Yount (Brewers) round out this third. Wow, that's actually not a bad group there. Strawberry and Yount back-to-back in the pack. Cool!

Danny Cox (Phillies), Pedro Munoz (Twins), Paul McClellan (Giants). For some reason, I thought Cox played for the Indians at one time. I was wrong.

Cal Eldred (Brewers), Tim Teufel (Padres), and Howard Johnson (Mets). Do you find it ironic that Johnson played for a team whose colors are the same (close enough) as the hotel chain of the same name as the player? Maybe that's just my weird mind at work.

The last three cards in the pack are Frank Thomas (White Sox), Doc Gooden (Mets), and Carlos Martinez (Indians - Wahoo!). The photo of Gooden running aound the bases has got to be a rare shot for his cards. I always saw him on the mound in the cards I have. He is one of my "other players I collect" group, as is Thomas.

Not the worst pack I've opened, plus some real stand-outs to keep things going! Yount, Gooden, Strawberry - great cards, but sounds like a bad "Redneck Words" joke to me....

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Scab said...

Man, Strawberry looked so good in Dodger blue.