Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2008-09 Topps Basketball

Ah, the NBA Playoffs. Killer of dreams, crusher of... holy crap, that's embarrassing. I suddenly feel a lot better about the Blazers series.

Here's some basketball cards.

113 - Nate Robinson (Shamefully participated in obviously scripted 2009 Slam Dunk festivities.)
1 - Chris Paul (Couldn't they have found a better picture for the Topps coverboy? I wonder if Chris Paul is in hiding after last night.)

9 - Tony Parker (The lights are almost out on the Spurs era. Tony Parker is now basically their best player.)
82 - Corey Maggette (I'm absolutely shocked that this guy has spent 9 consecutive seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers.)

47 - Andrei Kirilenko (The Jazz were eliminated last night. I was hoping they'd at least make the Lakers sweat a little bit.)
154 - Eddy Curry

IGIO - Taurean Green / Sidney Green In The Genes (Taurean Green was drafted by the Blazers and then sent to Denver late in the season for Von Wafer when the Blazers were short on shooting guards. Wafer apparently had a lousy work ethic and didn't stick with the Blazers, but found a way to get back at them by playing for lousy rotten Houston in the playoffs this season. Meanwhile, Taurean spent the entire season playing in Spain and his father Sidney was just a solid pro.)
- Checklist 2 of 2
96 - Kirk Hinrich (Hinrich has been relegated to backup PG duty, but has been heavily involved in the Bulls bid to knock off the defending chumps Boston.)

192 - Alex English (I got to witness English score his 25,000th point in person. He was playing in his final season, with Dallas, and it happened to be my first NBA game. The Blazers won, of course!)
105 - Cuttino Mobley (I think he retired.)

195 - Hakeen Olajuwon

184 - Jo Jo White (Solid!)
- Students: Work Hard, Get Cards. Greg Oden: Work Hard, Get Fouls.


Andy said...

What's the deal with the cards for the retired players? Are they just regular issue cards in the set?

madding said...

Yeah, apparently Topps used retired players as filler to make the set bigger. As far as I can tell there's nothing special about them. They're kinda cool, I guess.