Monday, December 01, 2008

1986 Baseball Tattoos

I got this pack from Andy over at 78 Topps Cards. I promised to put Pete Rose's tattoo on my butt if I pulled him from this pack, so if we're all lucky you'll see Pete and my Butt in this post.

This is how to put on the tattoo, just replace the hand with my butt for Pete Rose tattoos.

I was really tempted to chew this, but I have a bad psychological reaction to chewing gum out of packs of cards now. Thanks Topps! Thanks for being cheap and ruining my gum chewing experience!

First strip, top half:

I think that says 22 or 24 up top. Maybe. Lots of Tigers and Expos here. Kirk Gibson is probably the biggest name of the bunch. There's two little tattoos of one guy swinging away and another one bunting. Who would put a tattoo of a bunt on their arm? Then again, who would put a tattoo of Bryn Smith on themselves?

First strip, bottom half:

I'm pretty sure I didn't mix up the scans, but if I did I'm sure some internet detective will point it out. There are only three players on this half, but they out match the ones up top. Boggs is a Hall of Famer, Concepcion is a subject of constant debates on whether he should be in the Hall, and Gorman Thomas is just a badass. The combination of that exquisite mustache and the old school Mariners Trident logo on a two-color tattoo is is so cool it's almost illegal. If Gorman was still with the Brewers and had the glove logo we'd all be under arrest. There are some really crazy mini tattoos in this strip, they all look like they are suffering from St. Vitus' dance.

Second strip, top half:

Wow, this is the all-underrated strip. Every single player on here was fantastic, but other than Molly don't get their due. One of them has an MVP award, do you know which one?

Second strip, bottom half:

Pudge!!! What a terrible drawing of Pudge! That doesn't look like Carlton, it looks more like Mark King from Level 42. Mike Scott also looks ridiculous, but Lou manages to become a tattoo while keeping his dignity intact. Check out the wind up of the guy next to Whitaker! If someone did that for real about three joints would pop right out of their sockets. Sorry folks, no Pete. I know you are all disappointed, but I think this pack was pretty good anyway.


madding said...

Your 1985 NL MVP, Willie McGee! Man, they couldn't even make a two-color tattoo version of Willie into a reasonably attractive person.

Pudge kinda looks like a future Bobby Hill of King of the Hill.

Andy said...

Damn I was very excited to see your ass.

Ben said...

I say put Gorman on your ass.