Sunday, December 28, 2008

2006 Upper Deck Football

I think everyone is watching football and stuffing themselves with Christmas leftovers (including me) so I'm going to recycle a pack opening from my Repack Crap Thingy. '06 Upper Deck was the best of the four packs so I'll share it here.

3KP-BF Brett Favre 3000 Yard Passing Club
146 Brian Westbrook
107 Brad Johnson
159 LaDainian Tomlinson
19 Willis McGahee
77 Domanick Davis
31 Rex Grossman
239 Darrell Hackney Star Rookie

This was an odd pack, all quarterbacks and running backs. Even weirder is half the base cards have the position stamped in capital letters (LT, Johnson and Westbrook) and the others are all in lower cases. I tried to scan the foil, but you see how well that worked. LT's card is cool, but the Rex Grossman card is hideous. He looks like a flailing turkey. The photos on these cards are either great or terrible. Westbrook, McGahee and Davis are all in the middle of runs, while Brad Johnson is taking the snap for a field goal. The guy is a Super Bowl winning QB and Upper Deck shows him on his card like he's Lucy Van Pelt. The Favre looks good though and Hackney is still hanging around the league holding the clipboard for the Broncos. A lot of people love the design for '06 UD but I hate it. The foil name on another name is nearly impossible to read unless the foil hits the light right. The cards are just good enough though that I don't mind getting them in repack boxes anymore.

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