Tuesday, December 09, 2008

1990 Donruss Baseball

I recently received two boxes of '90 Fleer that I purchased off eBay and the seller generously included some free junk wax packs. Bonus! Among them were 5 packs of '90 D-Russ and here's the first one I ripped.

For a video of this pack break click here.

Carl Yastrzemski puzzle pieces 4,5 and 6
Looks like the top of Yaz's bat.

363 - Clay Parker

602 - Terry Kennedy
From the back of his card I learn he made All Star appearances in '81,'83,'85 and '87.

254 - Jack Howell
This guy had two of the quietest 20 homer seasons ever in '87 and '89 for the Angels.

141 - Craig Worthington

617 - Don August

451 - Bob Melvin
How about that. Melvin was once traded straight up for Terry Kennedy whom we got earlier in the pack.

456 - Otis Nixon

342 - Pascual Perez
Back to back Expos. I miss the Expos.

285 - Jerome Walton
Pulling the '89 NL ROY would've been sweet back then.

641 - Darrin Jackson
Fun Fact: Hit .800 in '87 for the Cubs.

175 - Dan Plesac
Is on this year's Hall of Fame ballot. Somehow I don't think he'll make it in.

482 - Carmello Martinez

368 - Kirk Gibson

608 - Curt Wilkerson

260 - Cecil Espy

147 - Gary Carter
With a big 'ol wax stain and bits of the wrapper on the back. Gotta love '90 Donruss.


Cody Eding said...

I ripped so many packs of this when Sosa was hot.

tastelikedirt said...

I only need one more card to complete this set. 18 years in the making.

NickL said...

Favorite set ever

dayf said...

Those '90 Donruss wax wrappers didn't play around. Some of them were glued down so tight they were almost chemically bonded to the card.