Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Timelines retail breaks

2008 Upper Deck Timelines retail [$1.97 each] - I really like the product, but then base cards are off-center. There are just minor nicks and dings [maybe from the way these 'cheap packs' are dispensed from a cardboard like display].

#45 Vladimir Guerrero - a nice Halo card to start the pack.
#50 Erik Bedard - where exactly is his his listed birthplace of Navan, Ontario?
#23 Matt Kemp - potential to be a great outfielder with great tools but not quite a 'baseball player' yet [more of a young, athlete playing off his immense ability].
#104 Chris Duncan 1992 Upper Deck Minor League style - not the greatest player in the world to be 'immortalized' on a classic Upper Deck set design.
#199 Kosuke Fukudome 1995 Upper Deck Minor League SP Top Prospects die cut style - the Japanese import seemed to be a 'rookie' bust who got the bat knocked off his hands at times in the second half of his MLB debut season. Hopefully he gets his act together in his sophomore season with the Chicago Cubs.

#255 Torii Hunter Timeless Teams style - another Halo card, this time to finish the pack.

2008 Upper Deck Timelines retail [pack #2] - I'm going to get a serious 'hit' out of a $2 pack of cards, but the novelty of the classic designs appeal to my collecting palate. I mean it isn't basic 2008 Topps or basic 2008 Upper Deck [which I do like].

#31 Manny Ramirez - he is still fishing for a four or five year deal. While all it matters is him hitting the tar out of the ball, he is 36 and considering his baggage, it doesn't look like there are teams willing to invest in him.
#12 Jimmy Rollins

#48 Ichiro - an actual base card with decent centering; nice looking.

#105 Clay Timpner 1992 Upper Deck Minor League style - off-center

#339 Joey Votto 1994 Upper Deck SP Premier Prospects style
#305 Carl Crawford 2004 Timeless Teams style

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