Thursday, December 04, 2008

2008 Upper Deck X

My brain is rather fried with news of the Cardinals recent offseason moves, so it's time to calm down with a pack of budget shiny stuff. Upper Deck X looked ridiculous when it came out and is still ridiculous, but when you compare it with that Timelines set and even Baseball Heroes, I think it's fairly interesting. Don't get me wrong - I love the retro Heroes design as it makes me miss the days of getting excited about pulling Reggie Jackson inserts. But there's something fun about opening these packs that I can't really put my finger on.

51 - Torii Hunter
31 - Edinson Volquez Die Cut

X2-DL - Derrek Lee Xponential X2 (I agree with most everyone who says they should have just made a set full of these shiny cards.)

27 - Jim Thome Die Cut Gold (This card is gold, but not shiny gold. It's more like that ugly gold color that Upper Deck used for the 2007 First Edition set.)
38 - Troy Tulowitzki (Tulo gets to be the card without a picture. He did bad things to my fantasy team last year. I still like him, though. Maybe the Cards can grab him in a year somehow after putting up with Khalil Greene for a season.)

73 - Frank Thomas (Is Thomas going to play in 2009? He's had quite a career.)


deal said...

Is the Frank Thomas card ugly gold too??

night owl said...

Easily the most pointless brand ever put out this year.

madding said...

Nah, the Thomas card is just ugly Yellow. I think a lot of the colors are just off with these cards.

Sooz said...

Oh, I actually enjoyed UDx and found myself buying a lot of these packs.