Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 Donruss Threads

Now that packs can no longer be found at my Hobby shop, I have decided I really like this set. Luckily, the flea market dude was around for one last Christmas sale and I got a couple of packs. I haven't had much luck in the packs I've opened so far, but my luck changed a little today. Pack one netted four minor leaguers and this:

Pete's one of the main attractions for this set so why not show him off. Here's the second pack and it's much better:

4 Cal Ripken Jr.

62 Jon Still

CL-1 Stan Musial Century Legends

38 Mike Schmidt

95 Josh Vitters

Ripken, Musial and Schmidt in the same pack. Hard to beat it. Josh Vitters is the Cubs' top prospect and was the centerpiece to the aborted Peavy trade negotiations. Still is a first base/catcher/DH prospect for the Red Sox who is probably going to have problems cracking that lineup anytime soon. He's got the bust photo in all the packs I've ripped so far though. I wish they had this at Target instead of Elite Extra. I'd really like to pull a Diamond king out of a pack again.

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Mark said...

Any way to pry that Ripken away from you?