Friday, December 05, 2008

2008-2009 Topps Co-Signers Basketball

What the heck is Co-Signers doing at Target? Yes, these are retail packs. I didn't know Topps did such things, but since upper Deck is putting SP in retail outlets, I guess they are just going where the money is. The Hawks are kicking ass and chewing bubblegum right now so I shelled out for a couple of packs of the stuff. Both packs had craziness in them so I'm going to post 'em both in flagrant violation of this blog's credo. No one who reads this blog likes basketball anyway so I figure two hoops packs equals about two-thirds of a baseball pack. I'll owe you guys the third pack.

Pack 1:

100 Magic Johnson


Yes, I do have to sing that song every time I pull a Magic card out of a pack. I'm like Cartman and "Come Sail Away", I just can't help myself.

47 Andrei Kirilenko - A big goofy white guy in Utah, how shocking.

17 Josh Smith crazy ass Studio 54 shiny-refractor-except-not-on-chrome thingy #02/50

HOLY BLEEPING BLEEP. Are these things even allowed in retail packs?? I guess this is a hyper gold parallel? The thing looks like a time warp in hyperspace. It's a Hawk too, I guess the Topps spies are following me again and placing Hawks hits in my path. Seriously, this is like the third crazy Hawk hit I've gotten from that same Target. I also got a Joe Johnson jersey out of a '07-08 Topps pack, and a Dominique Wilkins numbered insert from a pack of Some other Topps product that I can't remember the name of now. All in the past year. Keep 'em coming, Topps spies!

Changing Faces Mix-and-Match Instructional Card - This is important later. FORESHADOWING...

79 Jeff Green - Seattle Uniform, Oklahoma City on the bottom of the card. Sad.

67 Shawn Marion- Nice, would be good for a Heat fan since he's in the new jersey after last year's Shaq trade.

Second Pack:

54 Joe Johnson

Two Hawks in two packs? I can't possibly do any better than that... CAN I???? (more foreshadowing)

58 Rashad McCants - Well at least the Wolves' new(ish) logo is more fierce than the old one that looked like a puppy dog.

CF-24 Shaquille O'Neal #321/399
CF-29 Amare Stoudemire

Ok this is that Changing Faces card that insert was warning us about. I wonder what is so special abo- OH NO!

A tragedy! It done broked! Oh wait, it's supposed to do that...

I should have read the info card. This is a 21st century Card-Supial gimmick card where you can mix and match the two players. WARNING - If you get one, don't pull it apart too many times. It's a real pain getting it back together. Here's the back:

The Shaq card is numbered to 399 but the Amare card isn't numbered which means it's not rare and there are MIIIIILLLIIIOOOONNS of them out there. I like Shaq-Fu better anyway. These drop at 1:12 packs according to the wrapper so you too can get one of these if you try hard enough.

56 Ricky Davis - Cheesy posed "just signed with a new team" stock photo.

Both packs had a Greg Oden "Stay In School" Irony card in them, both with security devices slapped on top of Greg. Dang, now I want more of this stuff, but I know if I rip 10,000 more packs of it, I'll never get anything as shiny and cool as the Josh Smith Hypno-Fractor. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-FRACTOR.

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