Tuesday, June 09, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 2

I still can't find Series 2 Topps packs in my area for some reason. I would have been more interested in buying that, but Upper Deck became the consolation prize. I'm banning myself from buying cards again for awhile, so it might be well into summer before I pick up any Series 2 Topps packs. In the meantime, here's the Upper Deck pack.

795 - Justin Duchscherer (I drafted this guy in one of my fantasy leagues and he ended up being hurt. I dropped him almost right away so I have no idea what's going on with him now.)

732 - Ryan Braun (I can't look at this guy anymore.)
683 - Alberto Callaspo
515 - Conor Jackson (Jackson has yet to develop the power that everyone used to rave about.)
718 - Corey Hart (Hart has been terrible this year, which serves me right for drafting a player I can't stand.)
559 - Hideki Okajima
909 - Nelson Cruz (Upper Deck likes to save some star players for Series 2 and even throw in a second card of certain players - Pujols comes to mind - but there's still plenty of bench players and part-timers like Cruz.)
668 - Geoff Geary (Geary quitely had a solid season last year for the hated Astros.)

518 - Tom Glavine (Someone give this man a job! I just want to see him stick to it the Braves, really.)

SQ-38 - Dustin Pedroia StarQuest Blue Uncommon (The blue is your mind, man.)

566 - Micah Hoffpauir (Definitely not related to Cardinals farmhand Jarrett Hoffpauir.)
920 - Rod Barajas

694 - Jeff Mathis (Upper Deck Series 2 is also known as the Backup Catchers Series. Mathis would appear to be standing for some patriotic song or some such thing.)

587 - Brent Lillibridge (It's the classic signing autographs for kids photo. Wait a sec... those hands a bit too large to be kid hands...)

873 - Ryan Franklin (Franklin has been, surprisingly, one of the NL's top closers. Unfortunately, he's barely been used lately because the Cardinals have completely fallen apart.)
754 - Duaner Sanchez
527 - Manny Acosta
921 - Joe Inglett (For some reason his name makes me think Sniglet.)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

1992 Stadium Club Series 2

Woooo! Stadium Club! Back before Topps rooned it with short prints and autographs an nonsense. Got this pack from Motherscratcher in a box-o-stuff. May as well open it!

593 Roger Clemens Member's Choice
361 Craig Wilson
390 Dave Stewart
498 Johnny Guzman
1992 Club Membership Card
452 Gino Minutelli
340 Tim Wallach
584 Rob Dibble
331 Bob Milacki
395 Tom Glavine
539 Danny Darwin
535 Joey Cora
575 Eric Anthony
356 Roberto Hernandez
492 Chris Beasley
412 Jim Poole
What the hell is Tim Wallach doing there? Seriously. What is he doing.

Not too bad for a series 2 pack! Dave Stewart, the unceremoniously dumped Tom Glavine and a Member's card of Needles Rocket. The Rob Dibble card is pretty interesting too just for the contortions. The best part about these cards are the backs with the rookie cards on them. Unfortunately about half the pack had those stupid "Topps Debut" rookie cards from 1990 and '91. The oldest rookie card in the pack is right here:

Pretty cool Bull logo on the Darwin and Sample caps. Why didn't Topps put rookie cards on the back in last years's Stadium Club set? It might have actually made up for all those damn shortprints.