Friday, February 08, 2013

Super Awesome Fairfield Co. Target Baseball Repack Package!

'Sup? I couldn't pass up a Sweet Spot Classic John Montefusco on the front of this repack (I actually need it for that base set), plus I was told to "Look for Memorabilia Cards!" (like everyone else at my Target, I looked at the sides of the package, saw no thick cards, and said "meh", but I'm the yutz who brought it home anyway), so here we go, my first post here, 100 cards of dubious vintage for your perusal and enjoyment!

Left stack:

Some days, you just want the Icons cards to be base cards. If you don't recognize him, since this is illegible, this is '09 Upper Deck Icons Matt Kemp #78.

'87 Topps #754 Dave LaPoint

'87 Topps #623 Kurt Stillwell (Who here remembers when he was supposed to be the big deal instead of Larkin?)

'87 Topps #274 Jeff Hearron

'87 Topps #752 Dan Petry

'89 Topps #388 Bobby Bonilla All-Star

'89 Topps #584 Randy Velarde

'89 Topps #395 Danny Jackson All-Star

'89 Topps #617 Mark Parent (This pack's off to a real rip-snorter of a start, ain't it?)


('89 Topps #663 Hank Aaron Turn Back The Clock)

'88 Donruss #450 Atlee Hammaker

'88 Donruss #506 Geno Petralli

'88 Donruss #98 Tim Burke

'88 Donruss #228 Willie Randolph (This is the best of this very sad bunch of '88 Donruss, 17 in a row in fact, so I'll only burden you with a scan of this one. Worst part is, I can see the borders in the 2nd stack of cards that I haven't been through yet. When "I hope they're at least Leaf" enters your head, you know you're in trouble. This was a borderline Bipping.)

'88 Donruss #95 Chris Bando

'88 Donruss #284 Pete O'Brien

'88 Donruss #114 Benito Santiago

'88 Donruss #107 Tom Brookens

'88 Donruss #604 Don Newell

'88 Donruss #636 Mike Flanagan

'88 Donruss #610 Mickey Brantley

'88 Donruss #480 John Morris

'88 Donruss #132 Danny Jackson (2nd appearance in the pack so far...)

'88 Donruss #250 Darrell Evans (I'd scan this, but it's a boring shot of him, and well, '88 Donruss)

'88 Donruss #504 Joe Hesketh

'88 Donruss #85 Jim Deshaies

'88 Donruss #323 Dave Magadan (this one totally juked me; saw the Mets uni and the pose and thought it was Jefferies)

'90 Score #473 Terry Puhl

'87 Topps #132 Paul Assenmacher (oh, how we laughed at that name)

'92 Upper Deck #277 Frank Viola (Damn it, didn't need it; almost forgot to check...)

'87 Topps #293 Bob Rodgers

Here's where the pack gets cool for a second:

'87 Topps #250 Teddy Higuera

Now, I know what you're thinking, but shut up, I like Teddy Higuera, and this is a great card of him.

'90 Topps Mail-In Glossy #20 Ken Griffey Jr.! (I have it already, blast it, and it's dinged up, but compared the first half of this pack, this is like heaven...)

Then this happened. '91 Topps Glossy All-Star #19 Andre Dawson, #13 Will Clark and #22 Juan Marichal. Now, I haven't looked on eBay yet, and I probably shouldn't make my life any harder than it is, but I feel compelled to mention that, in my usual travels, I've never found '91 Glossy All-Stars before these three. They were a mail-in, if I'm not mistaken, so the bulk of these are probably sitting in Fairfield's warehouse collecting dust or something.

Actually needed this dinged up poor bastard of a card. Vander Wal was one heck of a pinch-hitter.

...and then we went back to tedium again:

'87 Donruss #534 Jerry Royster

'87 Donruss #533 Ty Gainey

'87 Donruss #603 Jerry Narron

'92 Donruss Triple Play #20 Erik Hanson

'87 Donruss #356 Doug DeCinces

'90 Upper Deck #795 Juan Samuel

'90 Upper Deck #772 Mel Rojas

'90 Upper Deck #727 Scott Hemond

'90 Upper Deck #729 Jeff Reardon (wasn't gonna scan it, but check out this card back...)

'90 Upper Deck #785 Dave Hollins 

'90 Fleer #95 Duane Ward

'90 Fleer #43 Rick Sutcliffe

'90 Fleer #394 Jose Gonzalez


'90 Fleer #593 Lonnie Smith

Card #50 makes this half a Kemp sandwich! '2011 Topps Chrome Orangefractor #24. Up for grabs, like the first Kemp in the post.

A closer look at the card that sold the pack, 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic #46 John "The Count" Montefusco. I think he still lives in the same town as the Target I went to. Probably planted the card himself. I should put all the real junk wax from this in his mailbox.

Just to really mess with my head, they also put a '91 Topps Glossy Rookie (#2, Kevin Appier, pictured) in this repack! I didn't have none of them, neither.

'89 Fleer #535 Curtis Wilkerson

'94 Upper Deck Electric Diamond (hate those) #288 Greg Vaughn Home Field Advantage

'90 Upper Deck #189 Tom Browning

'90 Upper Deck #792 Charlie Hough

Were Upper Deck being ironic by calling these three "Rookie Threats" in quotes? Gonzo didn't look very threatening back then. Bagwell, not so much, neither. Tuffy Rhodes would still stomp a mudhole in you, though, even as a "rookie" (he was in '90 sets too, if I'm not mistaken). '91 Upper Deck #702.

'91 Upper Deck #712 Dante Bichette

'88 Topps #531 Rich Yett

'92 Pinnacle #174 Milt Cuyler (Hey, needed it!)

'88 Donruss #288 Juan Samuel

'89 Donruss #500 Checklist

'88 Donruss #140 Joe Magrane

'91 Donruss #66 Tim Jones

'91 Donruss #339 Steve Olin (RIP)

'88 Donruss #131 Brook Jacoby

'92 Leaf #60 John Olerud

'93 Bowman #234 Bryan Harvey

We know you're not really juggling, Rolen, you little punk. '97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice #15


I mean, I get it, Classic Four Sport was released primarily as a baseball issue, but was the repack person blind? Did they not care about my happiness? This is a f00'ball card, y0. *sigh*

(As an aside, I was in the Webelos with a kid named Mike Evans. He didn't look like this guy.)

'93 Topps #261 Bill Wegman

'93 Topps #121 Todd Worrell

'92 Donruss #90 Bobby Ross (Happy trees and their friends not included.)

Hey, a Pete Rose Special. That's one of those things that sounds dirty, but isn't. '86 Topps #4.

'88 Donruss #307 Willie McGee

'86 Topps #21 George Bamberger

'92 Donruss #11 Andy Ashby Rated Rookie

'90 Upper Deck #670 Tim Crews (Weird, both Crews and Olin, who showed up earlier in this repack, were killed in the same boat accident. If Bob Ojeda were in this repack, that'd be super-weird, as he was severely injured in the same accident.)

('88 Topps #141)

'88 Topps #297 Zane Smith

'82 Fleer #120 Mark Littell

Anyone know what the deal is with the box on Chambliss' batting helmet here? '82 Donruss #47. (Needed it!)

'81 Fleer #39, Renie "Don't Call Me Cognac" Martin

'91 Upper Deck #416 Tom Herr

'90 Upper Deck #152 Don Slaught

'91 Score #738 Mike York

'90 Score #640 Tommy Greene

'91 Score #305 Rafael Ramirez

'07 Topps Series Two Checklist #3

'90 Upper Deck #611 Jeff Wetherby

'84 Topps #751 Charlie Moore

'84 Topps #469 Tom O'Malley

'90 Upper Deck Astros Checklist #88 (featuring substandard Mike Scott art)

'88 Donruss #105 Mike Pagliarulo

'88 Donruss #617 Kevin McReynolds

'89 Fleer #212 Dave LaPoint (LaPoint ties Juan Samuel, Matt Kemp and Danny Jackson for the lead!)

'88 Donruss #318 Keith Atherton

'88 Donruss #600 Checklist (Are. You. Kidding. Me?)

And finally, mercifully, the last card...

"Hey Rog, could you look a little more pompous for this one?" '91 Bowman #118.

So, some of the totals:

Cards I needed: 8

Players with more than 1 card: 2

'88 Donruss cards: 25

Cards printed before 1981: 0

Memorabilia cards: 0

"C'MON, MAN!" moments: 2

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!