Monday, April 12, 2010

1998 Upper Deck Series 3 Baseball

Reading Night Owl's post earlier today made me think that the decline in activity on A Pack a Day has been kind of sad. This was one of the blogs that really influenced me when I got back into collecting, so the least I can do is post a pack. I came home from work and found this one in the card closet, a hobby pack of 1998 Upper Deck Series 3 Baseball. I actually bought this about 2 years ago and have never really felt like opening it. Price was $2.99, 10 cards per pack, here are all 10 for your viewing pleasure...

#546 - Mike Kinkade - Star Rookie - One thing this pack taught me is that I desperately need to clean my scanner.

#DS28 - Derek Jeter - Destined for Stardom - See what I mean? This is one of those cards that actually looks nice in person, but just doesn't scan well. Too bad the entire right border of the card is bent slightly backwards. I seem to have a knack for pulling Jeters, which is unfortunate...

#594 - Sidney Ponson - Star Rookie - Sidney's MLB career would appear to be over, as far as I know he's not signed with any team for the 2010 season.

#678 - Joe Randa - Here's where the pack takes a downturn. Apparently someone got to Randa's wikipedia page and snuck in an update. Here's the quote: "Randa will be joining the Bonner Springs MasterBatters for the 2010 season." I know it's pretty juvenile but it made me chuckle. Don't believe me? Go look it up yourself (at the very bottom of the Pro Career section)

#740 - Mark McLemore

#739 - Roberto Kelly

#545 - Gary Matthews Jr. - Star Rookie - Gary is 2/14 to start the year for the Mets. I'm not sure anyone out there knows what the Mets saw in him...

#665 - Dmitri Young - Did you know Dmitri collects baseball cards?

#654 - Dennis Eckersley - Now the pack is picking up steam. I always appreciate an Eckersley card!

#730 - Fred McGriff - Eck followed by the Crime Dog, very strong finish. Well for 3 bucks I got some sweet cards and learned why it's a bad idea to ever use Wikipedia as a reference. I think I might have to post here more often.