Friday, November 20, 2009

1983 Mother's Cookies Giants

Ok.... Here's how this worked. Fans who attended the August 7, 1983 Giants versus Astros game received a small box containing 15 Mother's Cookies San Francisco Giants cards. Unfortunately, a complete set consists of 20 cards. Not to fear, though, 'cause each box contained a redemption card that could be mailed away, and a few weeks later, five more cards would arrive at your very doorstep.

Problem solved, right?

Well, not quite.

You see, each Mother's box was missing five random cards. And when you mailed in your redemption card, you received five more random cards. What are the odds that you'd get the five cards you actually needed to complete the set? (any math geeks out there?) Why the heck was such a scheme tolerated by masses of poor, already-suffering Giants fans?

Who knows.

I've heard that the point of all this was to encourage good old-fashioned trading amongst card collectors, which makes sense I guess. But in reality, it sounds to me like a royal pain in the ass. Regardless, I was strolling through the local monthly flea market in Medford, Oregon this past weekend and noticed a box of these very cards. One minute (and one dollar) later, I was walking out the door with my new prize. Here are the 15 cards I got out of the possible 20:

1. Frank Robinson (Manager). Woo-hoo, the biggest name in the set!

2. Jack Clark. Wow, another bigger name from the team... Looking good so far!

3. Chili Davis. Fans of '80s baseball remember Chili. Dollar well spent!

4. Johnnie LeMaster.
5. Greg Minton (the pitcher who took the 2-1 loss that day against Nolan Ryan).
6. Bob Brenly. Hey, we all know this guy!

7. Fred Breining.
8. Jeff Leonard.

9. Darrell Evans. Great player in the 70s and 80s. Glad to have 'em.
10. Tom O'Malley.
12. Mike Krukow.
17. Joel Youngblood. The only player in history to get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day.

18. Dave Bergman.
19. Mike Vail.
20. Andy McGaffigan.

As any Giants fan will tell you, I'm missing Duane Kuiper, Atlee Hammaker, Gary Lavelle, Bill Laskey and Max Venable to complete this sucka. Until one day, when computers across the globe connect to virtual auctions in far-away places (like San Francisco), I vow to complete this set. Let's just hope that prices stay reasonable and Atlee Hammaker doesn't have the awesome Hall of Fame career I think he will.


zman40 said...

Sweet cards!

P-town Tom said...

Math geek here: I want to say that your odds would be at 5/20 x 4/20 x 3/20 x 2/20 x 1/20. Or about 0.00375 of one hole percent. Um, not real good odds there.

There are two things that could happen if you sent in the redemption card.
#1) Absolutley nothing, as it has surely has expired.


#2) "Hey, Lenny! We got some ol' redemption card for a 1983 Giants set."

"Yeah? Pretty sure we can't fill that order. Just them a couple of packs of Mother's Cookies instead."

If you send it in and you get any cookies, I hope they haven't been sitting on the shelf since 1983.

Gamblers Fan said...

Very funny post, Tom... Thanks for your comments guys!

merryjester said...

Ha... I was just going through some old files of mine and came across the '83 cards of Kruk and Kuip! Thought you'd be interested...

merryjester said...

Ha...was going through some old files and what happened to fall out but two '83 cards... Kruk and Kuip! Thought you'd like to see 'em.