Friday, March 07, 2008

1992 Baseball Enquirer

I can't exactly play Sox Or No Sox with this pack. Mostly because there are no team names. You can pretty much figure out who is who, but no logos or mention of specific names are here.

These cards baffled me for a long time. I had a few in my collection, but had absolutely no idea how they got there. Even now, looking at the package, I can't ever remember buying a pack of these. Since there are 10 mystery interview cards per pack, I would be well short of that. The few that I've had for awhile, I have doubles of, so I have no clue.

I'm guessing these were put out for kids. If they weren't, I can't imagine the audience for them. There are cartoons of famous baseball personalities with a fake interview on the back of the card.

I want to thank Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners, who donated this pack. It has been put to good use!

Enough talk, on with the pack opening!

10 - Will Clark
Will must be considered boring. He keeps saying nothing except "Okay" in his interview and has the phrase "Ho Hum" on his cap.

58 - Deion Sanders
Deion has a "No Bo" logo on his cap. He calls the interviewer a "sucker" and a "chump". Who does he think he is, Clubber Lang?

2 - Jose Canseco
Jose does nothing but cry on his card. There are no words, just sobbing. Fake cards can be cruel.

32 - George Bell
The interviewer questions George's questionable defense. George even has an E-7 on his cap. And when his bat went away the next year, so did he.

40 - Nolan Ryan
Nolan calls the interviewer's suggestion that he takes special pills to keep his arm fresh "madville". Do people even talk like that? The special pill part was a bit scary considering everything in the media today. He also claims that Nolan comes from another planet and had a surgical implant. Crazy. I love the rocking chair on Nolan's cap.

24 - Jack Morris
It seems that Jack is labeled as being slow on the mound. Jack has Zzz's on his cap. And for some reason is pictured naked with a towel slung over his shoulder.

48 - Pete Rose
Pete's betting? Oh no! Cracks about appearance fees. Cute. I wonder why he's pictured trying to autograph a penny loafer wearing a wife-beater.

16 - Blank
Notice: The content of this card has been blacked out in your area. Regular viewing has been pre-empted by pay-for-view subscribers.

56 - Darryl Strawberry
Apparently, Darryl puts his foot in his mouth. A lot. The open mouth on his cap remind me of the Morton Downey Jr. Show.

8 - Cecil Fielder
Fat jokes. Overeating jokes. Buffet tables in the dugout jokes. Weight jokes. Ugh. Love the half eaten chicken leg on his cap.

That was kind of fun! It certainly was different. I liked the fact that I only had one of these cards in my collection. It's a nice break from all the 2008 Topps Heritage stuff on my end.

Thanks Patricia and Lucy!


dayf said...

Card #16 is pure genius.

capewood said...

Target has these tins of baseball (and football) cards. There are unopened packs of cards inside. Since I threw away the shrink wrap from the tins I don't remember who is selling them. I bought 2 of these tins and got two packs of these cards in each tin. I'd never seen them before. Since then I've seen them on several blogs. I have the Lenny Dykstra card on my blog. The logo on his cap is a piece of raw steak. Did someone just uncover a lost case of these?

Cliff Look for wierd cards postings.

White Sox Cards said...

Apparently. Someone probably bought them up, thinking that they would be worth something down the road. They were mistaken.

Andy said...

For the uninitiated, what is card #16, actually?

capewood said...

According to the 2007 Standard Card Catalogue, #16 is no player.