Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2008 Topps Wal-Mart Bonus Pack

Last year Wal-Mart blasters had a special History of Baseball Cards pack in all their blasters. Topps swiped that insert set for Hobby boxes this year so Wally World had to go to plan B. It looks like they took a page from Turkey Red and got some Dick Perez cards to tempt the masses. Let's rip a pack, shall we?

Bonus pack? No fair. The old bonus packs had a clear wrapper so you could see what you were getting. Oh well, let's rip:

WMDP1 Manny Ramirez
WMDP2 Ryan Howard
WMDP3 Cameron Maybin

These are pretty dang nice! Only ten cards in the set too so a couple of blasters should get you most of it. I must emphasize the should part. You could end up with two of the exact same pack. I haven't seen a checklist anywhere, so I'm not sure who are cards 4-10. These are also inserted into regular Wal-Mart packs at 1 in 4 packs. The backs have a canvas look to them and give little personal tidbits about the players. Manny Ramirez loves classic cars (really?), Cameron likes to fish and now is a fish, and Ryan Howard was a trombone player. Yeah Ryan! Fellow trombone player! Although to be honest I played trombone as a stepping stone to tuba, but brass players gotta stick together.


morineko said...

Card 6 is David Wright and card 7 is Mickey Mantle (I know, shock, XD.) I pulled the Maybin in my bonus pack, so the collation isn't a straight series.

White Sox Cards said...

Someone else got stuck with the trombone in grade school? What a shocker! My best friend at the time betrayed me and took the sax that I wanted. How sad is it that I wanted to be just like "Blue Lou" Marini? I guess not that sad.

Bubba said...

I love these cards. I'm not sure which ones I'm missing, but I've bought 3 or 4 boxes so I should have most of them. But I know I don't. I hate doubles.

dayf said...

Got stuck? I had to work my way up to trombone! My mom refused to rent me a 'bone until I played her old clarinet for a year to make sure I was serious about the band. I then had to do an apprenticeship in baritone before I got to play the tuba. And play it I did.

Wanting to be like any character in The Blues Brothers is not sad. Not the fat penguin, not John Candy's cop, not jilted Carrie Fisher, not the little kid who tried to swipe the guitar, not anyone. That movie is so cool that even the old cheeze whiz guy is to be admired.

Actually it would be sad to want to be an Illinois Nazi now that I think about it.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Howard Bagby said...

Card 5 is Tim Lincecum and number 8 is Joba Chamberlain. I think the packs are done randomly. I bought 2 and got Joba in both.

Kevin McGuire said...

Card 4 is David Ortiz and card 9 is Ichiro. I have a number of doubles for Ichiro and Ortiz. I need cards 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 if anyone wants to trade (I can offer 9, 4, 6, 7 from the Walmart set, or 1 (Pujols), 3 (Holliday) or 5 (A-Rod) from the Target equivalent).

Anyway, long time trombone player here. I wanted to play trumpet but got the names confused and was too embarrassed to tell anyone I came home with the wrong instrument. It all turned out for the best as I grew to love the trombone.