Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sobering Up with 2008 Topps Heritage (Box Break, Part Three)

I just had a rare weeknight out, helping a friend celebrate her liberation from the state of Maryland (she's most likely going to school in Indiana, which is...better? I can't keep track). What better way to calm down and get myself ready for bed than another quartet of 2008 Topps Heritage Packs? Do I ask too many rhetorical questions on this blog?


Pack 9
95 Buddy Carlyle - Sounds more like a NASCAR driver.
104 Adam Jones - Hey, it's the Orioles center fielder of the a Mariners uniform. Oh well, it probably would've felt hollow to see him in a Photoshopped orange and black cap.

367 Baseball Thrills: Troy Tulowitzki's unassisted triple play
316 Melvin Mora - My sister's favorite Oriole! He's been hitting the cover off the ball this Spring, so I hope he keeps it up.
395 Eric Gagne - Plopped into a Brewers uni. How does Thorzul feel about that?
12 Curt Schilling - The same horrifying photo they used for his 2007 Bowman Heritage.
499 Cole Hamels All-Star SP
98 Jon Garland black variation - With shiny new Angels cap and silly soul patch.

Pack 10
165 Jeff Francouer - Plenty of Braves in the last few packs.
233 Hanley Ramirez - My theory is that the Marlins win the World Series every few years because their young players know that if they play well enough for long enough, they get to leave the Marlins.
31 Nook Logan - His full first name is Nookworth. Well, it could be.
87 David DeJesus
413 Edwin Jackson - Nothing better than a Topps copywriter claiming a pitcher "arrived fulltime" in a year in which he went 5-15 with a 5.76 ERA.
284 Luis Gonzalez - Yep, still hangin' around.

BF4 Bill Mazeroski Baseball Highlights, September 19, 1959: 12th inning GW triple vs. Reds
210 J. J. Putz black variation - I now have the black and green variations and the Chrome of Putz. I still need his strawberry scratch n' sniff card.

Pack 11
200 Yovani Gallardo - Odd choice for what should be a star-numbered card.
190 Chris Duncan - Spent parts of three years at Peoria. That seems cruel.
280 Nate Schierholtz
276 Carlos Lee
355 Edgar Gonzalez - Complete with a really awful dye job.

388 Jason Varitek - Remember when the Mariners traded Tek and Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb? The Mariners wish you didn't.
67 Rich Hill - Another dupe.
322 Richie Sexson black variation - I remember when he played for the Brewers and O's pitcher Jason Johnson plunked him. Richie flipped out and started screaming at him. It scared me just watching at home. If only he'd known that Jason Johnson didn't mean it; he just sucked.

Pack 12

53 Jim Edmonds - Deer, meet headlights.

269 Horacio Ramirez - By the time I rip this box, the three packs I bought previously may be all dupes.
251 Alex Gonzalez
203 So Taguchi - Enabling sportscasters to drop bad puns since 2002.
414 J. D. Drew
224 David Wright - Had him on my fantasy team last year, and I am drinking the Kool Aid.
TN9 Frank Robinson, David Ortiz Then and Now - What a sweet card. These two in the same batting order would be a sight to see.

262 Chad Billingsley, Derek Lowe, and Brad Penny: Hitters' Foes black variation - Paging Alyssa Milano...


Andy said...

What in the hell is Edmonds standing in front of? The entrance to the Friars Club?

morineko said...

Now I have another reason to be sorely disappointed with this set. Love the design, hate the photo editing. Now I find out there's photo reuse? Lazy!