Thursday, March 27, 2008

2005 Fleer America's National Pastime

The cold has turned nasty to the tune of four prescriptions so once again I'll be brief. I think this set sucks, but it was in a box I got so I may as well point and laugh at it on the internet. Why does this set suck, you ask? It's an 80 card set where 30 of the cards are short printed to 699 each. When it is almost five times easier to pull a game used card (1:24) than a short printed base card (1:110) from a pack, your set is officially broken. The wrapper looks nice though.

48 Mike Piazza
10 Jason Schmidt
34 B.J. Upton
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8 Adam Dunn
46 Greg Maddux

Not a terrible group of cards, but I'd be pissed if I dropped three bucks on the pack. The design is attractive but unremarkable. It's the same ol' stuff you always got from these mid-00's Fleer five card pack oddball sets. It's like listening to a new Linkin Park song. Sure it's new, but let's face it, you've heard it all before. I think I increased my Greg Maddux Collection by one though, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.


Chris Harris said...

This was the final baseball card set released before Fleer filed for bankruptcy. A sad way for a once proud company to go.

capewood said...

Fleer actually had two years of these, 2004 and 2005. I think I bought 2 packs each year just so I could say I had some. I think the 2004 set was nicer looking.

Like you say, Fleer had lots of different kinds of cards in the years leading up to their demise. Most of them were not remarkable.


dayf said...

Yeah, I thought this was the older set when I first saw the pack. Those cards were embossed if I remember correctly. Nothing special, but they were a little distinctive at least.

Bay Rat North West said...