Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2007 Topps '52 Rookies

I fully plan on posting packs of these until the summer of 2011, when my local Target will finally run out. That's because my two-box lot of '08 Heritage has still...not...arrived.

So...has anybody had any experience with the eBay seller nymets76, 'cause he sure ain't returning my e-mails. This might even make me join in solidarity with dayf, banded together against all things Met.

Anyways, let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
83 Yoel Hernandez
64 Sean Gallagher
99 Jason Miller
DF15 Jim Edmonds Debut Flashbacks

206 Drew Anderson

162 Brian Buscher

Apparently I got the Midwest SuperPack with two Twins, a lowlife Cub, and a (former) Brewer in one pack. I had to look to find out Anderson was dropped by the Brewers in January, when he was subsequently picked up by the Reds. Yeah, that Milwaukee outfield is a hard nut to crack, looking like it'll be Braun, Mike Cameron, and Cory Hart as starters, with our secret weapon of Joe Dillon filling in any holes.

(By the way, we're paying Prince Fielder $670,000 and Ryan Braun $455,000 this year. Sure, we'll bend over and take it in the rear [and like it] from these two in a short time, but now I'm liking those small market numbers.)

As far as Topps '52 Rookies goes, my Rookie of the Year is this guy. Cheers.

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White Sox Cards said...

My experiences with that seller were awhile ago. It was a positive experience, but it was for a single card or a team set.

I have no idea how the seller is now.