Sunday, March 09, 2008

PACK WAR - 1988 Topps

Warning - The YouTube videos are funny as all get out, but they have horrible dirty words liberally sprinkled throughout. Use caution when listening to them you #$%^ing $%#&^ers.

It's been a cold war for a little while but it's heating up again. Both combatants have suffered routs and had battles that could have gone either way. Both are bloodied and bruised and for the time being, Dayf has the upper hand. But for how long? Today's battle faces off on the plains of 1988 Topps. Dayf is on the offensive trying to end this filthy war. Thorzul digs deep in an attempt to bring about the final showdown: 1987 Topps. This battle is too important to be symbolized by fistfights, or ninjas or armies. This battle is serious. This is an umpire versus manager battle.

Let the bombs fly like Earl Weaver's blue streak of profanity. Who will end up the manager? Who will be the dirty ump?

Campaign 6: 1988 Topps

Dayf's pack:

339 Kurt Stillwell - This entire card looks radioactive.
482 Mark Davis
176 Jeff Reed
290 Tony Fernandez - I used to think that players who had close to 700 at-bats in a season must be really awesome hitters. I've come to realize that it only means that they are leadoff batters who never walk.
254 Lee Elia - I'll tell you one %@!&in' thing, I hope we get %@!&in' hotter than $#!t, just to stuff it up them 3,000 %@!&in' people that show up every %@!&in' day, because if they're the real Chicago %@!&in' fans, they can kiss my %@!&in' ass right downtown and PRINT IT. I love Lee Elia.
289 Dave Bergman
490 Larry Parrish
Glossy All Stars and Hot Prospects* Baseball Card Offer - What genius picked Jack Clark to push their crappy mail in glossy sets? With all the hot players from '87 Jack Clark in a Cardinals windbreaker is the photo they chose?
367 Tim Leary - Tune in, Turn on, Drop another game Leary pitched.
480 Dr. K
492 Doyle Alexander - You don't know how loudly I bitched when the Braves traded him to the Tigers for some scrub prospect with a stupid name.
355 Roger McDowell - If Leo Mazzone had just kept taking the the one year deals, he'd have a job right now.
316 Jose Rijo - He doesn't look right if the uniform isn't Red.
538 Bill Wegman
476 Dave Stewart - Fresh off his first 20-win season with the A's.
136 Brian Dayett

Thorzul's pack :

560 Tim Wallach
536 John Morris
14 Sparky Anderson Jedi Mind Trick

66 Shane Rawley
702 Mike Gallego
734 Craig Lefferts
578 Gary Gaetti
319 Mike Lloynd

365 Floyd Youmans
293 Doug Jones
154 Jeff Stone
695 Shawon Dunston
581 Tito Landrum
669 Phillies Leaders

729 Blue Jays Leaders

As each card passed through my fingers, my sighs grew
more and more audible and soon changed to grunts of
despair. My only consolation is that you really must
vote for my pack. Dayf is up three packs to two, and
the only way to force a game 7 (which will be decided
by the greatest set of all, 1987 Topps, will be to
ensure that I tie the series at 3 apiece. It's not a
question of how bad I want it, but how bad all of you
want it.

It's up to you folks! Vote for the winner! The winner better be Thorzul if you want to see an '87 Topps fight though!


Thorzul said...

I'd better vote for myself here.
Big ups to dayf for the Weaver tirade.
But why must he bite my earlier posts?

Lee Elia Rules!

On Base Autos said...

Great video.

Chris Harris said...

I vote for Thorzul.

Is it just me, or does Lee Elia sound liked Red from the Tube Bar tape?

dayf said...

If you look carefully, there are two posts referencing the Lee Elia tirade, yet only one of them actually shows an Elia card...

--David said...

Yeah, sorry Thorzul, I gotta go with dayf here. I'd like a game 7 as much as the next guy, but it is the principle and intergrity of the thing. Your pack just... #%$%#*@@** sucked...

Bay Rat North West said...

Go with dayf. He actually scanned and showed a Reds card.

Andy said...

Thorzul. Must keep the war alive.

William said...

Although I should go with Thorzul's pack because he pulled the only HOFer [Sparky] and because I too love '87 Topps, I'm going with Dayf's pack because I met Jose Rijo before and because Floyd Youmans isn't worth the cardboard he was printed on.

suterb said...

Sorry, dayf. Thorzul gets my vote, if only for the slight chance that one of you might pull a Bonds or McGwire out of a pack of '87s.

Scott said...

Don't you put your finger on me! In 10 years, I'll be in the Hall of Fame.

MMayes said...

Thorzul on the strength of his Jeff Stone card.

dayf said...

Oh, you're gonna be in the Hall of Fame? Why, for f---ing up World Series?

NerfXerks said...