Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Topps Heritage Pack-Akkake! Target Blaster, Packs #6 & #7 (AND #8)

Wait, what's this? An eighth pack of Topps Heritage in a seven-pack Target Blaster? SCORE!!!

Pack #6

Base: P. Hughes, A. Ramirez, L. Milledge, F. Garcia, R. Sexson, R. Zimmerman
Variations: D. Lee, D. Willis

Pack #7

Base: R. Hill, J. Damon, A. Cook, J. Fogg, Y. Gallardo, F. Thomas (SP)
Variations: J-Roll, M. Ordonez

Pack #8

Base: Young & Zimmerman, O. Cabrera, B. Zito, D. Roberts, Delmon Young, Delwyn Young, K. Suzuki, J. Bartlett

What are the odds of getting a Delmon Young and a Delwyn Young in the same pack?

Blaster Stats

Base Cards: 54 (3 SPs)
Variations: 8
Parallels: NONE
Inserts: 1 Frank Robinson Baseball Flashback, 1 Antarctica News Flashback
Autogamers: NONE

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