Saturday, March 22, 2008

Topps Heritage Pack-Akkake! Target Blaster, Pack #1 & Bonus Pack

Because you just can't get enough of 2008 Topps Heritage, here's another Blaster box. This one's from Target.

The format's the same as the Wal-Mart Blasters, but the "BONUS PACK" contains four T-205 mini cards. Speaking of which:

Bonus Pack: M. Holliday, C-L Hu, Ichiro, W. Balentien

These T-205 cards are the same as the ones that were exclusive to Topps series one Target Blasters. The only difference being the size of the cards. The Topps cards were 2.5" X 3.5", whereas these are T-205 sized.

Pack #1

Base: L. Hernandez, B. Myers, B. Roberts, I. Kinsler, R. Johnson, F. Gutierrez
Variation: J. Jennings
Insert: Frank Robinson Baseball Flashbacks (1:12)

The only card in this pack I need is the Jason Jennings black-back. (Trade anyone?)

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Matt said...

I opened a Target blaster of the Topps Heritage yesterday and my first pack had the Flashbacks Relics Frank Robinson. Always nice to hit in a blaster, and a really nice looking card too. I think you guys have convinced me how fun a product this is.