Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007 Topps Heritage #2

This pack is one of three retail packs I picked up at Target earlier this week. Again, Target came through, producing far better results than either of the hobby boxes I purchased many months ago. Granted, this is the best of the three.

Before the cards, let's talk about the wrappers. Have you ever touched one of these Topps Heritage wrappers? If you haven't, do yourself a favor, and even if you don't plan on purchasing any, just slide your fingers over the sleek surface. These are not your father's 1991 Score poly-wrappers. I wish all of the surfaces I touched on a daily basis were as pleasant as this one. Nearly every time I touch one of these, I get an erection.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
84 Kazuo Matsui
220 Shea Hillenbrand
120 Greg Maddux

463 Kenny Rogers (Someone at Topps must have it in for the Tigers. Out of perhaps fewer than a dozen or so cards with pink backgrounds, the majority are Detroit Tigers: Rogers, Verlander, Miller, Bonderman, Rodney...Does anyone know if a precedent was set for this in 1958? Were there any pink backgrounds back then? I'm not familiar with the set.)

THC 105 Joe Mauer Refractor (0535/1958)
370 Ivan Rodriguez
244 Matt Kemp
432 Josh Sharpless

Grade: A, mostly because of the Mauer. Two probable Hall-of-Famers (Maddux, Rodriguez), an old man, and a batting champ. But seriously, Joe...the sideburns need to go. I respect his play, but I remember sporting a pair of those early on in high school. They are no longer cool after that point unless your name is Dylan McKay.

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dayf said...

I never thought Rule 34 would apply to Topps Heritage wrappers. Then again that's why it's Rule 34.

I noticed the exact same thing about the pink backgrounds when I busted my box of Heritage. Carlos Zambrano got the bad ass black background and the Tigers got pink. I know for a fact there are pink backgrounds in the original '58 set, and colors seemed to stick with teams. Over half of my Braves team set has a dark green background. Jim Bunning of the Tigers is one with a pink background so they might have gotten stuck with pink that year as well. Imagine that, the great Republican Senator a pinko! Shocking...