Monday, September 17, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Goudey Box Blaster Pack 8

Ok, this box is dead. Let's do the post-mortem.

-No.96- Travis Hafner
-No.18- Brian Giles
-No.152- Adam LaRoche
-No.259- David Ortiz Heads Up SP
-No.66- Jose Reyes
-No.52- Jason Giambi
-No.174- Jack Wilson
-No.198- Felipe Lopez

Looks like I got the Big Papi Box. No salsa on this card though. Also no relic card in the box. Odds are one in three boxes so I'm not going to cry over it. I'm pretty happy with two SPs and two Heads Up Cards. I guess this means SPs are one in every other pack? I was afraid of that... A 1:2 pack ratio for short prints is low enough to fool me into thinking I can finish the entire set. I'll finish this box with a card by card review.

Pronk looks pronkier here than I've ever seen him on a baseball card before. All he needs is a beard and he's Captain Caveman. Look at that frickin' war club. You could take down a T-Rex with that thing.
The part of Brian Giles is being played by John C. McGinley. It looks like Brian's staring down Dr. Kelso on this card.
Adam LaRoche is lost in thought. What is the nature of man? What if C-A-T really spelled Dog? Did I take my meds today? I lost my job to Scott Thorman!?
David's Heads up design is swiped (and flipped) from the only 1938 Goudey card I have in my collection, Frank Demaree. I'll take any opportunity to show off my old beat up cards.
Why does the team I hate like death have all these great young players I really like?
Jason Giambi is still smiling after being grilled by the Mitchell commission. Or perhaps because of the Mitchell commission... Maybe ol' George has fun inflatable chairs, a brand new Wii and a soft serve ice cream machine in his office. If he lets this info leak maybe he'll get more players to come in to testify.
My favorite television show of all time ever is The Young Ones. In the episode Flood, Rick explains what peace is (5:40 in). The People's Poet is dead wrong, Jack Wilson's Goudey card is peace. Woooooo fluffy cloooouds. Jack looks like he's about to bodily ascend into Heaven as the patron saint of light-hitting shortstops.
Ahhh! Get that thing out of my face, Felipe! What the hell is the matter with you??

So, the final wrap on this box is 60 base cards (30% of the base set) 2 SPs and 2 Heads Up. Nothing flashy, but a good start on a set. Plus it cost about the same as 3 hobby packs.

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--David said...

I gave in, broke down, caved - take your pick. My local "card shop" (read, Wal-Mart) FINALLY got some Goudey's! I picked up two packs:
Pack 1: Jason Bay Red, Aaron Boone Red, Bill Hall Red, Justin Verlander Heads Up, Pat Burrell Green, Jason Schmidt Green, Noah Lowry Green, and A-Rod Green.
Pack 2: Torii Hunter Game-Used, Jose Reyes Red, Dan Uggla Red, Austin Kearns Red, Bill Hall Green, Chris Carpenter Green, Andruw Jones Red.

Now that my Goudey fix is over, I can concentrate on getting the Indians in the set! :-)