Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1989 Star Minor League

To keep you all waiting with bated breath for the second pack of the Cali vs World contest, here's a pack that should be really awful. This is the first pack from a $9.99 repack box from Championship Collection Trading Cards. I have very low expectations here. This pack will have ten cards. If I recognize a single player, I will be surprised. Keep in mind I played Roto starting in 1993. A lot of those players would have been in the minors in 1989.

Willie Mota - Never made it past AA. The stats on the back support my expectation of the quality of this set.
Bert Heffernan - Made it to the majors. For 11 AB. Got 1 hit, which was a double. I'm guessing that ball is on display in his house.

Matt Current - Never made it past A ball.

Dan Segui - I assume he's related to David Segui, who had a 14-yr big league carreer. Dan, though, retired after 4 seasons of Rookie and A ball.

Julian Yan - More like Who?lian Yan. This guy I respect. He played minor league ball from 1986 to 1996, the last 4 seasons in AAA. Then, at age 30, no major league organization needed his services as a AAA benchwarmer any more. So he played in the Independent Leagues, and in the Mexican league, for the NEXT. ELEVEN. YEARS. For the love of the game, this guy. I believe I am going to hold on to this card. This guy is a baseball lifer, even though he never made it to The Show.
Bruce Schreiber - Made it to AAA in the Pirates organization, but never cracked a big league roster.

Pete Rose, Jr - Okay, this so doesn't count as a player I recognize. But guess what? This guy once hit on my sister at a dance club in Birmingham. She says he was a jerk. True story. I think I'll give this card to her for her b'day.
Doug Piatt - Made the bigs in 1991, and pitched well for the Expos. six more years in the minors, and he hung up the spikes.

Beau Allred - Got 200 PA for the Indians from 89 to 91.

Tim Nedin - Never made it past A ball.

I've shown you the only halfway-interesting photos. Here's the uniform lot of the rest of them:
So, yeah, that was about what I expected. Keep an eye out for the second pack of the contest tomorrow.


--David said...

Beau Allred!! I recognize him, of course - Triber!

skoormit said...

Since my roto league in '93 was AL West only (we only had 6 managers), I did not learn the details of the Indians scrubs. Otherwise I might have had a notion who Allred was. The name might have rung a bell, at any rate.